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'Sex & War' by Stan Goff

New Book Release.
Stan Goff has a new book out, entitles 'Sex and War'. If you aren't familiar with his work, check out his blog, Feral Scholar ( http://stangoff.com/).

Wondering about WSF Caracas 09.Feb.2006 18:10

g.d. dem

Stan Goff's website has included a link to an appeal to "Send Stan to the World Social Forum" for some time now - and it's still there.

So, I am wondering - did he get to Caracas? There are three WSF events, announced so far - did he get to, or is he planning on attending either the Asia or Africa venue? Has he forgotten to update his website to remove the link, if it's no longer applicable - or is he soliciting funds for WSF 2007? Maybe he has had to borrow from his WSF fund for the Veterans' and Survivors' March.

Or, is Stan setting up a North America WSF?

There's article on the coming Veterans' and Survivors', coming up next month - middle of March ---


Veterans' and Survivors' March for Peace and Justice
Mobile to New Orleans

March 14-19, 2006

Friends and allies:

Antiwar veterans groups and Katrina survivors are planning a very politically significant action this coming March 14-19. They need your endorsement and support.

Hurricane Katrina is in the news again, as thousands of hurricane survivors who were housed at hotels in New Orleans and other cities are now being summarily evicted. In New Orleans, evictees were not even allowed to collect their belongings. The National Guard, which was sent in at night almost as a surprise attack in conjunction with police, was tasked to collect people's meager possessions, as these serially-displaced residents were herded aboard buses to be shipped off to overcrowded shelters in other cities, or left to fend for themselves as homeless people.

Concurrently, the lunatic-right that advises the Bush administration is not only stubbornly adhering to the disastrous course of militarily occupying Iraq, the same clique is now advocating military action against Iran (Perle), and publishing enemies lists (Horowitz) of antiwar activists even in the midst of a domestic spying scandal.


BTW: "Sex and War" -- "STEAL THAT BOOK"!