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Please call and let the Clackamas county Sheriff's office how you feel!

Start our protest today!
*67 503 655.8218,
please call, i did and the receptionist said he is a good man, everyone, please call and hear thier justification for giving someone in this sate of mind a gun, badge and a car! tell them that you protest that decision! especially those with children in clackamas county!
and not only that... 09.Feb.2006 11:28

me too!

Make a sign, and bring it to the CCSO on Saturday.

(I like the one Juan Rubio carried best. It said, "Don't Shoot, I'm Dressed.")

If you play an instrument, bring that too.

Everyone is welcome, invited, and needed. That's Saturday, February 11th, noon, at 2223 Kaen Rd in Oregon City for the protest against police violence.