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Open public letter to the Clackamas County Sheriff Roberts

BE mindfull of the people who live in Clackamas County
My wife and I are terrified learning that Deputy Willard is back on duty. We cannot fathom after reading his report on the murder of Fouad Kaady for it shows clearly that he is an evil violent man. We are afraid for our children, in fact we will sell out home now of seven years if he continues to be allowed to drive around with a badge and GUNS!
Furthermore, there are some excellent Sheriffs on duty in Clackamas County; it is a shame to drag them through the mud for Deputy Willard. You are loosing the trust of the citizens of Clackamas County, if deputy Willard attempts any kind of violence against my family, I WILL DEFEND MYSELF, MY WFE, AND MOST OF ALL MY CHILDREN. I do not own any firearms at all, but I will find other ways of defending my family until we sell our home and move out of the county. Clackamas County does have some excellent officers, its a shame that the Sheriff's department is lowering all these offers down to the level of Deputy Willard who is crazed and would murder an injured, bloody kid because "he did not want to touch him in any way". I know that the Clackamas County Sheriffs department has some very good officers, and they are not like sick-minded Deputy Willard.

Also, Shame on Sandy for putting a gun back in the hands of Officer Bergin who also helped in the MURDER of a kid, cause he was injured and was suffering from burns all over his body. Sandy police is seeing its last days now for this decision. My wife or I will not drive through that city for any reason, and I have forbidden my children to go to Sandy. When going to Mount Hood we now take 84 to Hoodriver just to avoid Sandy, The Sandy Police have turned that town to EVIL. EVIL MURDEROUS people now run Sandy.

ROBERTS! This is your doing; we trusted you so fix it! I do not want to have to sell my home and leave the county! If so, I will tell my story to all of my neighbors and there will be many, many other families leaving Clackamas Count because of concerns about safety and that of their children.
nice letter 09.Feb.2006 08:47


Zaki, if you don't want Roberts to recognize that this letter is from you, perhaps you'll want someone else to edit it for you.

See you on Saturday, then 09.Feb.2006 11:08


Regarding this:

"...there are some excellent Sheriffs on duty in Clackamas County; it is a shame to drag them through the mud for Deputy Willard."

I do not agree. This is not just about Deputy Willard, this is about the whole system. This is a system that allowed this murder to take place, and then "justified" it. It's a system of secret grand juries, corporate media lapdogs who do their PR for them, so-called investigations that are a foregone conclusion before they start, training that tells them they can kill people if they want to, power that makes them feel like they can do whatever they want, and no accountability. This is not just one deputy. If it were, there would be no reason for us to show up at CCSO, we could just go to his house. (And if it were only a man and not a system, Willard would be out of a job now, and indeed, in jail.)

I've seen the photographs of what they did to this person. Believe me, this is worth fighting against.

I fervently hope that there will be enough people there on Saturday to let the CCSO know, and the family of Fouad Kaady know, that we do not accept any reports that let these officers, or this system, off the hook. This is not, though, about gathering thousands in one place to stamp our feet and mug for the corporate cameras, and then going home to pat ourselves on the backs. No, unlike some of the frivolous "peace" groups around Portland who believe that big-name sponsors and "good" publicity are the answer, we are probably more of a rag-tag army. We will be there, not because we want to feel important or we want to be on tv, but because we believe that this is what is right. We are mothers and fathers and grandparents and children, church-goers and radicals and people who've just had enough. I do not know how many people will be there with me on Saturday, but I know that there will at least be enough to let the Kaady family know that there are people left in this world who still care. And that, after all, is the point. Please join me. This, unlike so many other protests, is one in which every, single one of us will make a difference.

I very much concur 09.Feb.2006 16:52


Matilda, your thoughts concerning the ubiquitousness of evil in this system are very much on target.
I can say from long years within the law enforcement community, that although many individuals within the system are systematically fooled into thinking that they, and most of their buddies, are in it for the good of mankind. Gradually, however, their souls are sold to the fraternity. You know instinctively (if not instinctively, it will be taught you summarily) that, should you turn your "brother" officer in, should you find fault with him (her is included in this nowadays, tho not so much in my day), your career, if not your very life would be in jeopardy. To even suggest that there might be another way gets one labelled as a social worker, not to be trusted, and to be swept from the fraternity at the earliest possible time.

The top cop (DA) on down to the lowliest (police explorers or reserves-wannabes) are all in this corupt scheme together. All have forgotten that the taxpayer-voters have hired them, and instead, they do all their best work for the captains of industry, who often pay no taxes at all. The only direction that they take is from the rich, and the powerful. Trust them not, folks!

not all 10.Feb.2006 03:51

not all

I know the whole "they are all bad cops because they lie for each other, but my experience has been one of some excellent sheriffs over the pat seven years I have been out here, they don't all seem to be death crazed. Some have really helped me out.

to "not all" 10.Feb.2006 06:52

the system

Remember, the officers who tortured and killed Fouad Kaady were cleared of wrongdoing, "because they followed procedures."

Do you see? This isn't about "some of them seemed all right to me." Of course not all police officers are evil. This isn't necessarily a personal thing. This is about a SYSTEM, and it's allll bad. A system that creates monsters out of otherwise (probably) good people. The same way there were probably a lot of really nice guys who became Nazis. It's a system, and a personal weakeness that allows people to take part in that system without recognizing what it's really doing.

Don't let those "really nice guys" off the hook, though, either. They chose to wear that uniform, they choose to carry that gun, they choose to lie and cover up for each other, they choose to demonize "the perps." And in this case, they chose to take the life of a man who was unarmed.

? 10.Feb.2006 16:24


zaki? Too close, but what happened to being confidential?

OK 10.Feb.2006 16:32


Your right! All cops are evil, if not themself, then they are evil becuase of being involved with an evil organization. I was just trying somee how to get them to listen, but sorry, you people asre right.

Don't let the door hit you on your ass on your way out 22.Feb.2006 01:54


Don't let the door hit you on your way out of the county. Good luck selling your mobile home.