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Meet the New Storm Troopers

I'm feelin safe already.
The latest in facial protection.

homepage: homepage: http://prisonplanet.com

Cool, where can I get one?... 09.Feb.2006 15:41

Pravda or Consequences

It's a waste of $, use robots instead.

Bad design 10.Feb.2006 02:56

European Me

Go for the eyes!!! Who thought this thing up? I've seen better face protection on guys at SCA events. And speaking of the SCA, any armor makers out there who would be interested in posting plans/specs for DIY riot armour? Could come in handy...

Cheap Preventive Maintenance 10.Feb.2006 11:50

balsam root

The war executives, managers and bean counters might be considering this an economically and administratively preferred alternative to costly cosmetic and structural facial reconstruction at Walter Reed. Overworked medical specialists aren't happy campers.

Further, it might be getting difficult to bring plastic surgeons into the National Guard with the incentive of getting money for college, given the astronomical fees commanded by specialists in private practice.

looks like breathing in the desert will be tough 10.Feb.2006 14:26

and hot!!

Is this thing a combination gas mask/facial protection or what?
you could not pay me to wear this.