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Failure to Supervise: If you are not part of the solution

Much has been made over the inhumanity and lack of compassion displayed by Officer Scott Bergin, and Deputy Dave Willard, but the responsibitity for their actions goes much further than just to their heartless souls.
You and I, dear reader, are responsible for Fouad Kaady's death. When all of the civil liability filters down, Bergin and Willard's supervisors (or lack thereof) will be the focus. John Foote (DA Clackamas County) and Craig Roberts Sheriff, same county, are their elected supervisors, i.e. they supposedly work for us, the taxpayers. When we let corporate interests and apathy run the show, look what we get. If we do not get out there, on the streets, and support this family against such lack of compassion, then we are the problem. We deserve what we have, and there will be no improvement, worse, there will be license for them to expand their kill at will policy.
See you Saturday, Kaen Rd. at Beavercreek Rd. in Oregon City.

We, the people, choose to lead.