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Steamed Rice

The U.S. weapons of mental deficiency are running amok.
Condosleezza Rice says Syria and Iran fueling Muslim anger and anti-Western

Secretary of State Rice said that America's newest nemesis', Iran and Syria
are responsible for the violent protests that resulted over cartoons printed in
European newspapers.
At a joint press conference with Tzipi Livni, Israel's Foreign Minister, Rice
declared that both Iran and Syria have used this incident for their own purposes
by inflaming Muslim hatred and the world should hold them accountable.

"The U.S. government has evidence that Iran has bought plans for making an
atomic bomb on the black market," said Rice, "and we revealed this evidence
to our NATO allies in Brussels at a secure and secret meeting last week."

The U.S. government presented its fabricated report as proof to the U.N.
Security Council and demanded that the U.N. go along with U.S. plans to
impose total sanctions against Iran.
Discussing the Muslim anger over the cartoons, Bush said that it was a topic
that required a lot of sensitive thought and discussion but that the U.S. and
allies rejected Arab violence that expressed frustration over what was printed
the newspapers of democratic nations.

Bush demanded that Arab governments stop the protests and violence that
has resulted in attacks on western diplomats. "I believe in the freedom of the
press," said Bush, "but I also believe that democracy has the responsibility to
be thoughtful and respectful about the rights of others."

The Bush administration has also accused Syria of sponsoring terrorism by
not protecting the Norwegian and Danish embassies from insurgents.