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New Amerikan Stalags

I am going to take my left foot and kick you in the side
of the head.
-- billy jackat
George II orders new-and-improved prison system for Iraqis

The United States government is spending MILLIONS of dollars to build a
new super-security prison and creating an entirely new prison system.
The Bush administration said that a training camp had been built to train
Iraqi prison guards and administrators in December of 2004.
"The training program was designed to help the Iraqi's," said a government
official, "to build a new criminal justice system, which includes police forces, courts and prisons."
The White House says that many American correctional service experts,
wardens, managers and instructors were instrumental in getting the new and approved Iraqi Correctional Services operational.

"The cost of this successful program," said a Bushite talking head, " has
cost $41.6 million so far. We have had 4,029 Iraqi's, including 20 women,
graduate from the nine-week course."

Abu Ghraib Whitewashing
This is another futile effort by the U.S. government to cover the stain of its
policy of torturing so-called enemy combatants by U.S. troops and civilian
contractors (mercenaries) hired by Halliburton, and other U.S. corporations.

Washington says U.S. prison system best model for Iraq
The U.S. military, along with civilian contractors and spy agency spooks,
operate nine prisons around Iraq. These prisons have a population of about
10,000 detainees -- 6,000 sentenced for "crimes" and the remainder are
waiting for a "trial." A tenth prison is currently under construction, and the
U.S. government has plans to build another prison in 2007.
Part of the Abu Ghraib prison will be used for holding "regular criminals"
rather than "al Qaeda terrorists" suspected of fighting the U.S.-led occupation.
U.S. prisons -- America's # 1 Industry
There are over two million people incarcerated in American prisons and the
public regularly hears reports about prison staff using violence, medical
neglect and other abuses against inmates.

Washington said that U.S. prison experts had given human rights training to the Iraqi prison guards, and that no more reports of detainee abuse have been
reported under the new prison system.
"Conditions at all prisons will be basic," said a government official, "and we
are not interested in rehabilitating insurgents. They will get food and medical
care, but there will be no educational or vocational programs, and no activities for prisoners."
"U.S. authorities will continue to maintain high levels of security at its prisons while honouring the Geneva Convention and human rights. No abuse of
detainees will be tolerated and we will continue to prosecute any troops that
abuse detainees."