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Fouad Kaady died for us all!

All of us.
Saturday is so important, Fouad died for us all, to add to our lives more peace and security, PLEASE come down on Saturaday, this is what were are supposed to do as AMERICANS! It's our duty!
Evil men 09.Feb.2006 05:55


These two are very sick men, and I mean mentally sick, well.... like evil sick. Willard talks about him growling like "a wild animal", when I read that I realized that even if it was an animal, even a wild animal, with burns and injuries like that, there still would be no justification for doing unto that being such evil an wickedness. I cannot comprehend that those two are on duty, driving around with guns. willard saying that Fouad said over and over again that he was going to kill him is a LIE! A LIE! Fouad was not like that, and I know if anyone knows. willard and Bergin are just sick, twisted, evil men, that's it. Evil and grotesque men. If that was me, hopefully I would have been able to grab a rock or stick then defend my life by bashing in their heads.

Call the office! 09.Feb.2006 06:07


Call the Clackamas County Sherrif's office and protest Willard driving around in that mental state with a gun! start our saturday protest today! everyone, please call 503-655-8549

wrong # 09.Feb.2006 07:54


its *67 503 655.8218,
please call, i did and the receptionist said he is a good man, everyone, please call and hear thier justification for giving someone in this sate of mind a gun, badge and a car! tell them that you protest that decision! especially those with children in clackamas county!

Skelton too? 09.Feb.2006 09:54


Is there also some kind of simultaneous protest in Sandy at Helter Skelton's neighborhood? If so, when and where?

Helter Skelton 09.Feb.2006 11:25

going on saturday

I think some action at a later date in Sandy is a good plan. However, this Saturday, efforts are focusing at the CCSO. They are the ones who just "cleared" the cops who shot Fouad Kaady. Are you in Sandy? Can you get to Oregon City on Saturday? I believe there are buses from Sandy, but do not know for sure. You might want to check the trimet website, or call them at 238-RIDE. (I think that's still the number.) Please get as many people as you can to come along too. It's hard to get people to turn out for things like this, because they often don't believe their voices matter. But this is one case in which they definitely do matter.

Rides 09.Feb.2006 12:20


Please, there is no excuse for not coming to this protest. If you let them get away for this, you are supporting inhumanity, and the grasp that the police have on us all. This shit was worse than Rodney King, and it is happening in our towns. I mean has anyone of you heard the Kaady story? Many people in Sandy are constantly threatened by the police. They intimidate them, and give them death threats. THESE ARE THE FUCKING PEOPLE WHO THE GOVERNMENT HIRED TO PROTECT US! What the hell are you going to do? This isn't just about Kaady, it is about this police system that kills individuals simply because of class, sex, age, sexual prefrence and race. They are killing our children. We have to protect ourselves from the "protectors".

There are plenty of people willing to drive there, we just need people who need rides. If you want a ride, now is the time to speak. I hope you all realize how important this protest is. It will change something, it is for the people now, we have to take a stand for ourselves. No government official or police officer will see the wrong doings in this murder, they are all working for the same team. Don't be a victim.