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Don't be sorry later, be THERE Saturday

You do NOT want to be the one person in your group, church, neighborhood, who failed to respond to a family in crisis, who failed to tell the establishment, "That's going too damn far!"
Join with the masses, at noon on Saturday, at Kaen Rd and Beavercreek, in Oregon City. You will not want to be counted with the folks who just couldn't make it. Fouad Kaady's family deserves your support, but perhaps JUST as important, YOU deserve a government that answers to YOU!

Accountability 08.Feb.2006 20:12


Is the most important thing in a government. Meet in the square 1045-11 to catch the bus en masse to the action. Me and at least one person I know will be there. More would be nice, every person we can get matters.

hmm 08.Feb.2006 21:12


It seems like this is going to be a very large protest. It seems as if everyone knows about it. If anyone needs rides now is the time to start talking. There are plenty of willing drivers.

or take the no. 33 bus! 08.Feb.2006 21:52

get on the bus

people who do not have wheels can take the bus straight to the demonstration by hopping on the number 33 line.

there is no reason that "lack of transportation" should be an excuse for any portlanders not to attend this important event.

What are you all talking about? 09.Feb.2006 10:04


I don't anything about the demo to which you are referring.

To confused, and to get on the bus 09.Feb.2006 10:48


There are cars that are not full, and I believe that as an activist community we need to connect with eachother. So, honestly, if you really need a ride, just ask for one, there are plenty of people willing to drive. And to confused, are you serious? I can't look at portland.indymedia.org or anything else for 5 seconds without seeing something about this protest.

to bash 09.Feb.2006 14:02


What we're talking about is the Fouad Kaady, anti police violence demo on Saturday, at noon, at the CCSO in Oregon City. Check the site for details and background, there is a lot up there.

Someone remarked that they think it will be a big protest. You know, I have no idea. One never really knows how many people will show up for anything until they get there. I know that a lot of people are very concerned about this, and hopefully most of them will get up and DO something about it. (It's easy to sit on one's couch and complain about the world, but actually getting out to support each other, well, that takes work.) (But that sounds negative, and I don't mean to.)

The truth is, it doesn't matter whether it will be big or small, so much as that enough people show up to let the Kaady family know that we do care. If even 100 people show up, it will be enough to make a difference, to show the Kaadys that we have their backs. It must surely hurt to have something like that happen, and then have the media and the system pretend that it didn't matter. This is mutual aid. We must stand with the Kaadys, because this is our battle too. If we let the police get away with killing people in the streets (hey, it's in their "procedures," after all), then what will stop them from coming after one of us?

If you care about other human beings, if you care about justice, if you care about police accountability, if you're a member of this community, then we are asking you to be there on the 11th. Even if you're fatigued from trying to change the world in big ways, this is one small thing you can do that matters. It matters that Fouad Kaady was brutally tortured and killed by the police. And it MATTERS that you stand with us to demand justice. Sometimes, a person can get lost in a sea of protesters, marching around the streets for tv cameras, hoping to change the world. This is not one of those protests. This is an action where every person's voice matters, where every single person who comes will make a difference. If it matters to you that the police shot and killed an unarmed man, a man who was hurt and in need of medical help, a man who was no threat to them, if any of this matters to you, then take a stand with us. It's just a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, and it will mean the world to people who have been hurt a lot by the police.