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a call to arms

a call for the formation of colonial guard regiments to protect and defend those who no longer have a voice in washington
February 8, 2006

Hon Governor Richardson
Chairmen of the Democratic Governors Association

Dear Sir

Re: Volunteer regiments

As you know by Federal Law the National guards command authority can be taken from a governor by federalization. I feel that we need troops answerable to the people of each state and not the President and I feel that we need to be prepared for anything as long as the Republican Party has control of the house and senate and their political and religious agenda. I want it known I am not calling for civil war, I am calling on democratic governors to be prepared to enforce the constitution that all thirteen colonies signed when we became a nation. We must be prepared in case the Republican government goes too far in these brush wars they are engaging us in. I also call on the democratic governors to have their democratic house member to vote no on this upcoming budget and it cuts in vital programs. The reason I make these suggestion is that the Republican party which is under the control of the White House and present government can not be trusted and their agenda domestically and foreign are a danger to the Union and the people of the United States. These volunteers must be ready at a moments notice to defend and protect the Union we have fought and died for, for so long. Ladies and gentlemen of the association trust is earned by deeds and not words and the central government as of now can not be trusted.

Sincerely Yours

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)
nationalism is evil 09.Feb.2006 01:10

federalism was supposed to be better

The 13 "free and independent States" became a UNION when they ratified the constitution. Nobody referred to the United States as a "nation" until 100 years later.

live free or die 09.Feb.2006 10:51

Mr. Met

It is all of our duties to arm ourselves, and when they try to take them like they did in new orleans, we band together with force to protect each other. There is no other way that this can turn out. We all have to be willing to die for our freedom and our god given rights, or else whats the point of talking all this shit.

Every police officer, or govt official who says they have to protect us by stripping us of our guns or our rights should be removed from the situation immediately, anything less would be unamerican.

Either we die in a Halliburton camp, or we die defending our country and our rights, those are your options in the coming future, its that simple.

We need to arm ourselves immediately!! Stock pile food, water, guns and ammo, it is our duties as americans to defend our homeland from the tyrants who terrorize us.

I only wish our local police forces would wake the fuck up and see that they are turning into the new SS. They are being militarized with wepons of compliance and torture, to use on us whenever they feel like it.

Im tired of this shit. There is no citizen review of police misconduct, and worst of all there is no public intrest.

Those of us who speak out for our rights and dissent will be tortured and killed soon. there is no other possible direction this can go. It is the natural flow of things, just look at history.

I dont know about you, but I dont want to be "liberated" by foreign troops, especially troops wearing the blue helmets.

Murdock, im with you, and anyone who is willing to maintain our standards of freedom, after all our american revolution against the British was fought for far less.