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Bush Protests-No MSM Airtime...Cartoon Protests-Tons of MSM Air

January saw a rash of demonstrations against the
Bush Administration in the cold and rain but still
there is no Main Stream Media coverage of any of
those events.....not one word. News reports of
protests over the cartoon of Mohamed, however,
are everywhere, every day.

The corporate media continues to close it's eyes
to the growing dissent and calls for impeachment
even by members of Congress.

Many thousands of protesters in over 65 cities
banged pots and pans and drums and chanted
to drown out the State of the Union speech on Jan. 31.
"...in an act of protest several soldiers in Iraq took it upon themselves to shoot off rounds of their guns in the air as part of symbolically drowning out Bush's State of the Union speech."

Dozens of cities now hold weekly demonstrations against the war.

"The state-wide Bring Our National Guard Home campaign collected the signatures of more than 30,000 Massachusetts registered voters in an attempt to put a law requiring the return of the Mass. National Guard from Iraq on the ballot."

"Over five hundred people turned out.... to tell George Bush he was a lying, mass-murduring, crooked, scumsucking bum -- and unwelcome in Chicago."

"Women from around the worldófrom the US to Iraq to Britain to Japanólaunched a campaign aimed at ending the Iraq war and all attacks on Iraqi civilians in 2006."

Jan. 7 was a National Day of Action in which people "opposed to war and Administration lies protested Saturday along with peace advocates in over 140 cities. The activists are calling on Congress to censure, and possibly impeach, President Bush and VP Cheney."

Judge Alito's nomination was protested in Miami, Nashville (twice at Frist's office), San Francisco, DC (twice), Philadelphia, and NY City (twice),

"Activists representing the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed By the Bush Administration tried to deliver an indictment against George W. Bush today at the White House. While the papers -- carried to the gate by former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern -- were ultimately not accepted."

Pakistan, Thailand, Caracas, Switzerland, and Germany had huge demonstrations against US policy.

Martin Luther King Day saw marches and parades in many cities where activists showed up in force.

"....a little over hundred people took part in a silent walk for peace in Santa Monica. They gathered at Reed Park at 2 PM, split in four groups then walked very slowly throughout Wilshire and 3rd Street Promenade. The Peace Walk ended at the Arlington West Memorial, at the pier, where people gathered again for a small rally. Later they helped to put away the 2,225 crosses that represent all the US soldiers who died in Iraq since March 2003."

"Benjamin Franklin's words were used to counter Alberto Gonzales' argument. "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." Hooded protesters turned to one of America's founding fathers for their rebuttal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' case for domestic spying without warrants. Twenty-two protesters, including four holding a sign quoting Benjamin Franklin, stood with their backs to him...."

"2 people dressed in orange Guantanamo-style jump suits and a woman in a bloody dress holding coat hangers showed up in front of the Capitol building."

My guess is that for every 1 that showed up to these frosty events, there are 5 or more that wanted to attend but didn't.....or couldn't.

For a link to 79 reports of the over 200 separate actions, see Protest News:

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I never thought about it that way, but you are right!