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Whats Wu got to do with it?

Wu wu where the hell is wu
so this congressman were suppossed to have...you know Wu. What the hell has he been up to?

He hasnt signed Conyers letter asking for a special prosecutor to investigate bush wanting to draw iraq into war by painting planes in UN colors

He is non existant on the wire tap issue

He isnt interested in investigating impeachment proceedings...

besides lining his own pockets what the hell is he doing in washington for us?

wheres Wu?

more importantly is there a green or democratic challenger to him?
Rep. Wu Voted Against Iraq War 09.Feb.2006 17:37


Rep. Wu voted against the Iraq War and was the first congressperson in Oregon to do so. This was really sticking his neck out considering the shape of his district has a lot of conservative areas.

The Right has targeted him and they will be spending a fortune to try to defeat him. Is that what you want?

How about trying to defeat a Republican?

First Congressman to do so? 09.Feb.2006 20:31


They all voted at the same time. Earl and Peter have always been against the war and were much more vocal in opposition before it started. Plus, they've voted against funding it.

Voting against the war 10.Feb.2006 12:55

Lynn Porter

All the Democrats in the Oregon congressional delegation voted against the resolution to authorize the war, over three years ago, with Walden and Smith voting for the war.

Since then I believe they have all voted FOR appropriations for the war. I know Rep. Peter DeFazio has, and so far he has refused, publically, to change his position. Senator Wyden is the same.

There will be another war appropriations bill coming up sometime this year. Our congressional delegation needs to hear from us that we want them to vote against it. Voting against money to keep the war going is the only way Congress has to stop the war.