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Die Kapitalist Pig

Anarcho music group is putting the word out! We are available for events and fundraisers, and other change-oriented activities.

This is Tyler from Die Kapitalist Pig. We believe music and art are essential to the culture of change and we would like to help provide our community with some of our spirit. We have been performing around town for about 2 years and we have done some great events, but we are kind of at a stand still. We aren't "activist kids" and we aren't really "punks" so we don't know a lot of people in the activist community personally. We would like to change that.

We would like to get to know some of you and hopefully provide some musical entertainment at fundraisers or other events in the spirit of revolution. We aren't trying to make any money or be rock stars, we just want to bring our music to people who might enjoy it and do what we can to help the fight. So check us out and if you like what you hear please contact me through e-mail :  tylerjesussanta@yahoo.com and we can talk about doing something.

Tyler Riggs

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