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Evidence Suggests Muslim Riots Are Staged Psy-op

As news breaks of four more demonstrators being shot dead in Kabul, fresh evidence has surfaced lending credibility to the assertion that the Muslim riots are a staged psyop or at the very least based on false pretenses.
Evidence Suggests Muslim Riots Are Staged Psyop

Yesterday leading Russian MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the riots were a manufactured psychological operation on the part of the US in an attempt to enlist hardened EU support for a military strike against Iran.

As first highlighted by this website and others, more evidence has come to light that confirms fake and misleading caricatures were bundled in with the more tame cartoons that were printed in Danish newspapers. Muslims were misled into believing that all the images were printed in newspapers when they were not.

World Net Daily reports,

"One of three especially inflammatory but undocumented Muhammad images distributed by a Danish imam as an example of an "anti-Muslim environment" in the European country turns out to be a poorly reproduced copy of an Associated Press photo taken at a French pig-squealing contest."

"The weblog NeanderNews pointed out the image used by Imam Ahmad Abu Laban was a faxed copy of AP's Aug. 15 photo of Jacques Barrot competing at the annual French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise."

Another two images which were erroneously added to the caricatures that were actually carried by the newspapers depict Muhammad as a pedophile demon and a dog raping a praying Muslim.

Were the misleading images intended to add fuel to the fire? Many have pointed out that depictions of Muhammad appear universally throughout the world. A stone sculpture in the US depicting Muhammad has been in place since the 1930's. An Australian newspaper piece lists depictions of Muhammad, both flattering and insulting that appear regularly in the West and beyond.

"From Ottoman religious icons to market stalls in Iran, from the US Supreme Court building to the South Park cartoon, Mohammed has been frequently portrayed in flattering and unflattering lights."

Many painters, including William Blake, Gustave Dore, Auguste Rodin and Salvador Dali, have depicted Mohammed in illustrations of Dante's Inferno, where the Muslim prophet ends up in hell with his entrails hanging out."

Why the outrage now? And why were more degrading images that were not even printed thrown into the mix?

The US government is no stranger to using falsely attributed paraphernalia to fan the flames of racial tension. During the Vietnam era civil rights struggle, the FBI mass mailed coloring books that were attributed to the Black Panthers. The books portrayed white people as pigs and encouraged blacks to violently attack and kill them. Primarily mailed to white neighborhoods, the books had the effect of turning middle class sentiment against the black rights movement and leading to support of enhanced authoritarian crackdown.

The feasibility of demonstrators in Gaza having immediate access to a plethora of pristine Danish flags as soon as the furore began has also been put under scrutiny.

A CNN International news anchor reported that the United Nations had foreknowledge that protests in Beirut were going to erupt on Sunday.

"ANTHONY MILLS, CNN INTERNATIONAL: My understanding is, as well, that UN sources were reporting this morning that this was going to be a chaotic day, if you will... Or, certainly they were reporting --they were suggesting -- their workers shouldn't go to work today."

So, indications in advance, I think, probably that something was going to happen here, that some form or sort of violent protest might erupt."

As we reported on Monday, images of Muslims with signs that read "freedom go to hell" and "Europe, take some lessons from from 9/11" are playing right into the hands of the Globalists by enabling them to hold up examples of how the Muslims are dangerous barbarians who wish to take away our liberties and need to be dealt with.

Violent Muslim demonstrators should be aware that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction by allowing the media to portray them as freedom hating, brutal and out of control. This ensures increased support for future wars that primarily target Muslim and Persian majority countries.

The seemingly artificial origins of the protests betray the true agenda behind the very real chaos that we now see engulfing the Middle East and Europe.
Yeah, maybe. 08.Feb.2006 15:56

Not a fan of fascists

Given that MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic fascist (this is the dude who suggested that Condi Rice needed to be gang-raped by Russian soldiers to deal with her psychological problems and who also congratulated Pat Buchanan on his dealings with the "troublesome tribe" of Jews in the U.S.), maybe, just maybe, he is not the most objective of sources.

I am not discounting that the current U.S. administration will use any resource to demonize Iran nor that psychological warfare is underway. But be cautious in trusting Zhirinovsky as a source of anything other than bigotry.

I agree 08.Feb.2006 19:46

Jody Paulson

A real tip-off for me was the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle a couple of days ago -- it showed a black figure (maybe in a burka? I'm sorry I can't find the photo on the web) with a burning flag with smoke obscuring the golden cross on top of the church of the Nativity in the background. Come on, how staged is that?? I mean, the symbolism -- a black, obscured figure with a burning cloth that *happens* to be a white cross on a red background, thinly obscuring the church's golden cross with its black smoke? What, are they trying to fan the flames of a modern-day Crusade? Ironically, I just posted a comment [  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/02/333223.shtml ] saying how they've been using newspaper photographs to portray Bush's neo-cons as "saintly" -- frankly the religious iconography is both insulting and sickening.

obviously a plot 10.Feb.2006 07:09


please read this:

 link to www.propagandamatrix.com

apparently Flemming Rose, the editor who published the cartoons in the first place, is a mega-Zionist crony of the PNAC. This is so OBVIOUSLY a plot to outrage the Muslim world, fomented deliberately by the same people who cooked up the Iraq "war."

if you want to know more, i suggest reading everything you can about Sibel Edmonds! that is the pivot of this mess we are in!