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The AMERICAN NATION has always been helpful to mankind, in one way or another, having been the main contributor to the development of smaller Nations with technology, discoveries, state of the arts techniques in all fields of science and so forth. Today there is another issue in which the AMERICAN NATION can still be helpful to mankind and international society.

Today, the World is gradually sinking into the dephts of involution and destruction, social and individual, regardless of how much economical welfare might be achieved anywhere. The real problem on Earth is not economical or political or technological. The main problem existing on Earth today is MENTAL HEALTH. All other problems arise from this one. BAD MENTAL HEALTH is the root of isolation, individualism, selfishness, broken families, inhuman conditions and so forth. If the social cell, that is, the HUMAN BEING, is mentally ill, the whole society SHALL be ill as a result.

Because of inhuman conditions, overpopulation, computer abuse, religion abuse, atheism abuse, drugs abuse, alcohol abuse, machine abuse, materialism abuse, TV abuse, separatism, overcrowded cities, individualism, spiritual chaos, sexual chaos and many other factors, every existing human being is mentally ill, to a smaller or bigger degree. Every existing being should undergo psychological treatment to be freed from traumas that undermine his or her healthy behaviour within society.
As every person has an ID Card or a Passport, so everybody should also have a MENTAL HEALTH CARD which should be OBLIGATORY. There should be three different mental health cards, of three different colors. One color, let's say red, for people starting psychotherapy, another color, let's say blue, for people who have been going through psychotherapy for some time, and the GOLD MENTAL HEALTH CARD for people who finished psychotherapy and have a HEALTHY MIND, freed from any kind of trauma, neurosis or psychosis.
Psychiatrists administering psychotherapy must first be seen by a psychoanalyst to make sure that they themselves are free from traumas that they might otherwise project or transfer onto their patients.
No President should be elected NOWHERE ON EARTH if he does not hold a GOLD MENTAL HEALTH CARD. This should be a MUST to be a President. As for people occupying other charges within the GOVERNMENT of a given Nation, they should also have the GOLD MENTAL HEALTH CARD, or at least the BLUE MENTAL HEALTH CARD.

I would like to urge the AMERICAN NATION for the institution of the obligatory MENTAL HEALTH CARD first in the USA, as an example for all Nations and, being America the world leading Nation, give their help so that it will also be instituted in every existing Country.

Usually, the substance being taken during an Era to ESCAPE FROM REALITY, determines the kind of happenings occurring within that Era. Aggressive and superficial ALCOHOL created the aggressive and superficial 20s and 30s and 40s and 50s. Quiet MARIHUANA created the 60s and the beginning of the 70s and created "peace and love" and the 'Hippies" and the protesting against the Vietnam War, and etc. Quiet MARIHUANA created the fool's paradise known as the "magic" of the Sixties. Aggressive and psychotic COCAINE mixed with aggressive and superficial ALCOHOL created the aggression and plastic superficiality of the 80s and 90s and so forth, increasing BAD MENTAL HEALTH because of it's psychotic effects. Marihuana and Alcohol users are NEUROTIC, whereas Cocaine users are PSYCHOTIC. The NEUROTIC person knows that two plus two equals four but worries about it, whereas the PSYCHOTIC person thinks that two plus two equals five and does not give a damn about it.
As a matter of fact, aggressive ALCOHOL is one of the responsible factors for two World Wars, as well as for all other wars that happened throughout the story of mankind.

One of the responsible factors for BAD MENTAL HEALTH is COMPUTER ABUSE. There is a difference between USE and ABUSE. People gradually replacing reality with a virtual and artificial one created by computers do contribute to the isolation and separatism we are going through. Computers have become another way of escapism, another divorce from reality. Some people would chat rather than meeting personally. An artificial approach to reality. There are computer addicts, and computers are not an alkaloid.

There is no point in being worried about Muclear weapons proliferation when there is an even more dangerous mass destruction weapon to be aware of, and that mass destruction weapon is BAD MENTAL HEALTH. You know what the range and effects of a Nuclear weapon could be, but you never know what the range and effects of COLLECTIVE BAD MENTAL HEALTH could be. Bad mental health could be a thousand times more devastating than the biggest Nuclear bomb available. It can destroy whole Nations and the complete Planet too, as it is ALREADY doing. Almost all problems society is facing today arise from BAD MENTAL HEALTH.

I would also like to remind the AMERICAN NATION to stick even more than ever to the American priciples of democracy, freedon, justice, human rights and MORALS. These are the principles behind a MENTALLY HEALTHY NATION. Every human being deserves RESPECT and CONCERN and only justice, human rights and morals are the way to make RESPECT and CONCERN happen. Every person should greet and salute each other person on the street, showing their respect to one another. This way people would feel DIGNIFIED and WORTHY within society. The human being is a DELICATE BEING and, as every gadget, has a USER'S MANUAL for operation. It is worthwhile sticking to the USER'S MANUAL to operate the human being.

Human degeneration brought about by BAD MENTAL HEALTH grows to the point where it triggers a World War. After that, the shock of a World War brings about a more human attitude, sprinkled with musical happenings.
After the shock of the first World War, Big Bands came out attempting to bring a little happiness to the shocked society.
After that, human degeneration brought about by BAD MENTAL HEALTH started to build up again till it got to the point where it triggered a second World War.
After the shock of the second World War, Elvis Presley and the Beatles came out.
As you can see is a cycle that repeats itself.
After that, human degeneration started to escalate again. Logic and recurrence of factors point out to a near third World War. The difference between the first and the second World Wars and the oncoming third is that the third World War might be NUCLEAR and FINAL. There won't be time this time for musical happenings afterwards.
The Scriptures (I am not saying which ones to avoid religious clashes born from HUMAN EGOISM) clearly say that "because of fire and sulphur two thirds of mankind shall perish"...what the prophet saw in a vision interpreting it as "fire and sulphur" were in fact NUCLEAR BOMBS. The prophecies of the Pyramids stop on year 2012. Nostradamus talked about the same, depicting the characters involved, characters that I do not want to mention. The KALI YUGA paradigm of the Indian Scriptures points out to OUR DAYS too. Decreased extraterrestrial activity on the Planet also points to an energetical and ethereal darkening of the Earth aura, detectable by the NEFILIMS and other extra Solar System civilizations with their infrared and ultraviolet ethereometers. Extraterrestrial activity got to a maximum when the Planet's aura was more "blueish" and "greenish" as could be detected and photographed by the Kirlian camera. Even though some people do not believe these extraterrestrial things, NASA very well know what I am talking about concerning the travelers of the diamagnetic propulsion that come and go through the tunnels of electronic acceleration in the North Atlantic and South Pacific oceans, and that have been supervising and guiding the Homo Sapiens Sapiens since Pliocenical and Pleistocenical times, after they possibly created him altering the DNA structure of the Homo Erectus through Genetic Engineering. That altering of DNA through extraterrestrial Genetic Engineering could constitute the "missing link". Nevertheless, if things happened this way, extraterrestrial Genetic Engineering is somewhat faulty because the human being still retains the SELFISH and EGOISTIC side of his ANIMAL nature in his UNCONSCIOUS MIND. He is still the HUMAN ANIMAL suffering from BAD MENTAL HEALTH because of the clash and conflict between his ANIMAL UNCONSCIOUS and his HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

I am afraid that if COLLECTIVE BAD MENTAL HEALTH is not attacked IMMEDIATELY, we are heading for this FINAL NUCLEAR EPISODE...

This is a time for the great AMERICAN NATION to help the World once again instituting the MENTAL HEALTH CARD and bringing back order to the Planet attacking BAD MENTAL HEALTH, the root of ALL PROBLEMS...if you bring MENTAL HEALTH to the Planet you can be assured that no one would want to press the button of a Nuclear bomb, you can bet on it...Only the mentally ill would do it...

I think that if the Planet is brought to MENTAL HEALTH we could open a GOLDEN ERA for Mankind, an Era we could never think of right now. Bringing the Planet to MENTAL HEALTH will have it's drawbacks at first while techniques and strategies are being made or are being discovered and the Mental Health Engineering is being created and paradigmed. We are people of the year 2000!!...we should be flying in saucers and we should be able to communicate telepathically by now!!,,,year 2000!!...we should be in the future but we still are the same Homo-Erectus somewhere in the Pleistocene holding a club...and even worse because today the Homo-Erectus doesn't hold a club, not at all...today the Homo-Erectus presses a Nuclear button...

Love and respect to you all.

Joseph Ferrante.
(the musician) (Hey Jude)

Hey 08.Feb.2006 10:36


Is this actually Dr. Bronner posting?

Jawohl 08.Feb.2006 12:39

sigmund fraud

Or maybe Josef Mengele II

Um, untrue. 08.Feb.2006 13:27


The first sentence: totally false.

what the fuck 08.Feb.2006 14:18

Doug Fir

"The AMERICAN NATION has always been helpful to mankind".. .tell that to the Native American Indians, enslaved Africans, the Chinese cooleys, most of the immigrated that came to the US during the industrial revolution, the Mexican population that experienced annexation, Latin Americans who experienced American Imperialism and on and on. So what he fuck are you talking "The AMERICAN NATION has always been helpful to mankind"

I would suggest listening to Readings From Howard Zinn's "Voices of a People's History of the United States" on DemocracyNow  http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=05/12/26/160202