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Mr Rubio harrast by Sandy Police again

The Sandy thugs (police) want Mr. Rubio Dead!
Mr. Rubio was walking in Sandy on the 6th of February when two Sandy murdering Police stop him, Mr. Rubio explains. He was simply walking down the street when the police thugs (don't deserve to be called officers) stopped him; they both had their hands on their guns. They told MR Rubio they thought he was carrying a gun in his pockets. Mr. Rubio started screaming simply "leave me alone! Leave me alone!" until passer bys started watching the incident with disgust for the Sandy thugs (police), and they finally left him alone. This was after Judge Mauer dismissed the case against Mr. Rubio for menacing the police approximately 30 days after his sons disappeared after the Sandy thugs (police) threatened him and his son saying, "You are not going to like what's going to happen to you". Menacing the Police? COWARDS! When I get some time, and if his attorney agrees, I will interview Mr. Rubio and post it here, it is a very interesting story.
The Sandy thugs (police) obviously do not care even what Clackamas County Judge Maurer says and feels, they are determined to keep people in Sandy, OR. Under constant fear and control. All those poor people in Sandy who have to live under NAZT type police in that city, people may think that they should simply move out, but that is a large hardship on people and most cannot arrange and afford a relocation that easy.
The RMLS in Oregon is reporting that the real estate in Clackamas County and Sandy is not selling like the rest of the state.
what happened to carlos rubio? 14.Feb.2006 19:51

sarah rubio