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Interview with Yun Bai, artist

Interview with Yun Bai about being a Chinese American artist and her Porn Flowers and Secret Nipple Project.
Yun Bai
Yun Bai
Interview with Yun Bai. We discuss her long day; her upcomng show at Wertz Contemporary in Atlanta; "If you love what you do you don't have to work a day in your life."; her Chinese background coming up during interviews; why her parents moved from Beijing to the U.S.; the stereotypes of hard working Asians and unmotivated Americans; how Southern American culture had an influence on her as an artist; growing up in Tallahassee, Florida; missing barbeques; the sweetness of Southern culture; why she became an artist; the careers her parents wanted her to pursue; being catogorized as a neo-feminist pop artist; why porn figures so prominently in her art; why she worked in the adult entertainment industry; catering to the men's stereotypical Asian fantasies; her identity crisis; the inspiration for her Porn Flower series; the symbolism of the Porn Flowers; my impression of her Secret Nipple Project; the type of secrets women shared; email Yun a photo of your nipple and your secret; the inspiration behind her Cellnoid project; her exhibition at Hollins University, "Red Beans & Rice: Asian Artists in the New South" curated by Craig Bunting and Kan-Jeff Baysal; ping pong ball sculptures; porn clipping parties; my beef with "modern" art; what her art is trying to say; flowers we identify with.

Featured song is "Blindfold" by Ozz.

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