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We're looking for activists in Oregon City interested in hitting the streets to promote Justice for Fouad Kaady. Does this sound like you?
Are you frustrated with police repression. Tired of the state of this nation? Feel like it's time for a change? We'll we're looking for a few good activists to help our street team get the word out about the "rally to justice for Fouad Kaady!" this saturday in Oregon City. For more info see:


If you're interested in helping out please contact  topher@resist.ca
two of us 08.Feb.2006 08:25


Well, two of us have been posting fliers in OC all this week. We can always use more help though!!!

Not so sure that there ARE any O.C. activists 08.Feb.2006 14:08


I sure hope that someone else can be out there putting up fliers. Oregon City is one hard town to wake up. Perhaps because Clackamas County has been defecating in their town for so long.