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Gentrification in New Orleans

Gentrification in New Orleans & Genocide Awareness Week here in Portland!
A friend sent this to me and said a bureaucrat on the phone yesterday advised her to "worry about more important things" (than losing privacy rights as a US citizen) so here comes one more "unimportant" thing: losing your housing to a storm and then your home to the developers. Please help. This is one more heartbreaking episode in the on-going genocide wreaked by the privileged white. It isn't that we didn't know it was coming....


Also! Did you know it was Genocide awareness week?

Tabling Opportunity at A Call to Conscience: Genocide Awareness Week

A Call to Conscience: Genocide Awareness Week is from
March 12 through March 18, 2006. We have a staked week
of events including such speakers as: Mohamed Yahya,
co-founder of Damanga.org and Western Sudan native,
Ruth Messinger, President of the American Jewish World
Service and Benson Deng, one of the three Lost Boys of
Sudan. The weeks events will cover such topics as
genocide in Uganda, Guatemala, Armenia, Darfur, the
Holocaust, Rwanda, and more (detailed list below).

On Wednesday the 15th we will be at PSU all day
holding workshops with Mohamed Yahya as the keynote at
7pm. There are tabling opportunities from 9am to 9pm
for your organization.

If you are interested in endorsing this event or
tabling at PSU on March 15th please contact Katie-Jay
Scott at  ktjscott19@yahoo.com. Enjoy the Sunshine
while we have it!

More detailed list of events:
Sunday 12
A variety of churches are giving sermons on genocide

Monday 13
"What is Genocide" broadcasted on local cable access
stations and toolkits given to professors and Portland
Public School teachers so they can teach about
genocide on this day.

Guild Theater
� Film �Genocide in Me� and Q&A with filmmaker Ariz
Artinian (Armenia)
� Film �Discovering Dominga� and Q&A with Denese
Becker and Dominga Sic (Guatemala)

Tuesday 14:
Oregon Health & Science University
� Panel discussion �Public Health Effects of Genocide�

Wednesday 15:
Huge day of workshops with presenters to speak about
genocides in Darfur, Uganada, Rwanda, Guatemala, the
United State's involvement in genocide and more. Among
the speakers are Ruth Messinger, President of the
American Jewish World Service and Mohamed Yahya, a
native Western Sudanese who founded damanga.org.

Thursday 16;
� Art gallery opening with Beverly Collins who has a
photographic essay on Genocide in Darfur
� One-man show profiles human and Indian rights in the
views of Ben Franklin (300th birthday) and Meriwether
Lewis (200th anniversary)

Friday 17: Cultural Night at First Unitatarian Church
� Play �Mother Courage,� on the Holocaust
� Zimbabwe Dancers
� Benson Deng of the Lost Boys of Sudan
� Native American storyteller Ed Edmo

Saturday is a peace vigil at the Oregon Holocaust
Memorial and chance to hear Benson Deng speak with
Holocaust survivors.

Be the Change. Participate, Volunteer, Activate!