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White House Unveils Plan to Sell Off 200,000 Forest Service Acres

Tucked in at the end of a Monday morning news release, the Forest Service announced a White House plan to sell off about 200,000 acres of public land.
"Presumably the lands the agency will propose to sell will be surrounded by private lands, or in some other way undersirable".

Undesirable? Exactly which parts of our precious mother earth are "undesireable"?
Hmmm, let's see - maybe Mt St Helens, that dirty filthy undesireable volcano
and it's surrounding valuable recreational land$.

I get it: Sell OUR trees to help finance endless global wars.

article buried here (and buried on several corporate news sites):


Oh, and, many thanks to channels 2,6,8,10,12 for not
finding this a "story of interest" to we Cascadians...

All this happening to the USA, meanwhile in CANADA:

The Canadian federal government plans an aggressive expansion of the national parks system in Canada, adding 10 new national parks in the next five years, and creating five new marine conservation areas.

Peace to all. Visit the forest right away, while you still can.
well then 07.Feb.2006 21:07

pissed off Oregonian

All I can say is that we in Oregon must show that we are stronger than Bush. The shit is gonna stop here. Bush may think that he can do as he wants, but if he picks a fight with Oregonians, he's in for a wakeup call. We will organize like never before. Bush don't own shit.

Bush Can Go Eat Himself 07.Feb.2006 21:41

another pissed off oregonian

The above poster is right.

to the aboves 08.Feb.2006 00:41


okay, so you are pissed off, that is good.
but what are you going to actively do about it?
how you gonna actually stop the sale, the cutting?
in the past trees have fallen and keep on fallin and what has been able to stop them?

Contact Secretary of State Bill Bradbury 08.Feb.2006 13:48

Tell him your mind

He's a long time advocate for salmon habitat and forest restoration. He is also "#2" after the governer in the state and should be a good prod.

soon.... 08.Feb.2006 20:26

pissed off Oregonian

details will be coming soon as we procede. this will take focused fighting on many diferent levels, which is perfect since everyone in Portland has different strengths and abilities. It will first take gettting the word out about these plans to sell our lands. This will take folks to put up flyers and talk to people. Indymedia is a great step, but not enough. Then it will take a demonstration (you know the steriotypical meet and greet at Pioneer Square). This is merely a formality for the press and to get people together. Then it will also take the help of our influential rich yuppie (with ties to the Sierra Club, polititians, etc.) folk to fight the conventional political battle. It will also take our street radicals to bring the war on on our streets, we lose our trees and control of our state, they lose their profits, by any means necessary. It will also take the small anonomous groups who will take the fight out to the bulldozers. It will take people talking on the University campuses, within each university and between each university. We will also need to take this fight to the Oregon Capital, to get our polititians to listen and fight for us, sending pressure to our Congresional representaion, but we can';t rely on leaders to fight our battles for us. This of course is an off the top of my head skeleton sketch, or a basic idea of strategy. As of yet, we are unprepared to fight this battle and we need much more information on what exactly is the government's plan of action. But it is coming, and it will be televized. Try and not be negative, each one of you can plan shit just as well as we can. It will take all of our combined efforts to defeat these pirates, but it will also take a lot of independant groups of folks hitting hard and dissapearing. But as I said, we all need more information. I suggest that right now we focus on gathering and compiling any info about this sale so that we can understand what it is we are dealing with. Keep the threads coming!

We need to send a loud messege to these rapists, THIS IS PORTLAND and we don't fuck around. We will create a no fly zone in Oregon for these neo-cons. They think they can do as they wish, becuase they think that our will is broken and that no one will oppose them. They are sorely mistaken. The shit ends here.

To be continued.....