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Another Poster

Here is another poster for distribution.
11x17 150 DPI
11x17 150 DPI
This one is more fancy, probably a little harder on your ink cartridge. I will include an 11x17 version for those of you with nice printers or access to nice printers at work. They are all 150 DPI, and I tried to include the changes people suggested. I will be forthcoming with a halfsize or smaller, as well as a button version and business cards. I do these in the spare time I have at the end of my Photoshop class so getting alot done at the same time isn't really possible. As for size issues, one is 11x17, the other is 8x10.5 for printer purposes. I kept them in jpg format because I think that is the most accesible for all kinds of computers. If anyone wants a GIF or PSD to do their own versions let me know and I will post one.

[UPDATE] I can't, apparently, load more than one at a time so the other versions will appear as comments.
here 07.Feb.2006 12:11


is another version
8x10.5 150 DPI
8x10.5 150 DPI

Suggestion 07.Feb.2006 13:59

joseph albers

Initial impression of the "another" poster settles on contrast issues.

The text is competing unfavorably with the photo art. Don't know what application you have access to, Phil, and this is suggested with respect for your design, but maybe experiment with lightening the image behind the text--so that the text appears over a "fogged-up" (still with the same focus level and artful distortion, but less contrasty) piece of the photo, with the subject matter of the photo still continuous with the parts of the photo out in the open, i.e. not covered by text. This applies mainly to some?/all? of the text around the edges. The (((i))) logo is large and open enough that it reads well on top of the photo graphic "underneath". Maybe try experimenting with various levels of fade behind different lines of text, i.e. not all lines of text need the same level of fade in the image behind.

Alterntively, see what lightening up the whole photo image to a level where the text is more instantly readable.

best wishes