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Permanent War

US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, recently announced the 'war on terror' would be re-named "the long war"; this announcement has not surprised analysts who are aware that neo-con ideologues and strategists follow the Straussian (and perverted Trotskyist) doctrine of permanent war. Some interpret this as nostalgia for the 'good old days' of the Cold War in which a clearly defined enemy (communist bogeymen) kept the nation on permanent alert and amenable to the powers of the time.
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A Generation of War 07.Feb.2006 09:53

Ben Douglass bendouglass@cheerful.com

When the U.S. first attacked Iraq I clearly remember Vice President Dick Cheney saying that the "war on terror" could last a generation or more. Instead of a state of "permanent revolution" leading to a more progressive state, the imperialist U.S. government has taken the path of permanent war which inevitably leads to a full-blown police state.

linguistics 28.Feb.2006 21:02


Don't forget that war on a noun (terror) could last indefinitely. Cheap trick, nasty thrill! The deceit and lies of the Bush admin and the neo-cons have devalued US integrity and the lives of those that have been lost to oil men and Halliburton. War only last as long as those who fight it continue in their folly.