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crossing the line

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Crossing the line of common sense
An editorial by
Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

The line common sense has to be drawn somewhere, has Mr. Bush lost what he had of a mind. I mean he stated that we need to be competitive in his so called state of the union. With guess now a third of American industry cutting jobs, how do these people? Climb out of the financial hole that he and his administration put them in when Ford, General Motors, Buick and Chevrolet cut jobs buy thirty percent thus far; if there is no education resource how do we? Retrain these displaced workers you're friends have put out of work. How many will lose their homes in this so call great economy your talking about. Service job, low key, low wage jobs that no one could live on. Gasoline in my country alone $2.68 per gallon for petrol, then heating oil is at almost $2.50 per gallon of # 2 heating oil. Kerosene is at $2.46 per gallon I am not sure what propane is right now bet its high.

There is common since budget cutting and then there is just being mean spirited cuts. I think it time that we find common ground with our people, were our people get retrained in technology, aero-space, and research and development. I wonder if it's just tit for tat of what some money grabbers did in the Civil War of the 1860's or is it the revenge of a president for his fathers lack of leadership in one administration he made blunders in his foreign policy, his domestic policy was a so, so policy. He came out of an administration that may have one the cold war but put our country into debt by 2.5 trillion. We out spent the Russian and thus broke their economy and then in 1990 the eastern block fell and the USSR dissolved in 1991.

We had base closers like loring air force base in Maine and others throughout the United States, then the many of era like scandals like Enron and others. Who cooked their books and their profit margin to make money for the investors, problem they got caught. And thus the eighty's and millionaires went down like burning embers of a fire out of control. How many tech companies went bye, bye, and how many unions did the late president Reagan destroy with his union busting. George senior got elected by beating the pants of the former governor of Massachusetts Mike Dukakis; he lost because he threw mud and played the Republican Parties game. Thank the God's it did not work in 1992 an unknown name William Jefferson Clinton the governor of Arkansas. Who did more good in eight years then Mr. Reagan he also had the highest pay down of American debit in History two hundred and six billion dollars and he had a surplus of two hundred billion. Well that amount became history when Al Gore lost his bid for the White house against Junior and his mysterious win in Florida.

I would say his little brother had some major influence in that election result. He challenged the result in court but did not have the funds to go all the way. He relented for the good of the Nation I would not have, but that is a different story altogether. January 2001, moments after being sworn in he flushed the surplus and eight years of hard work down the flush; so his friends would get their money back and he had the call to call it tax relief. My fracking Aunt Mary's mule, then came our day of infamy on September 11 2001 we were attacked by a group of dog, the lowest form of human life. I want people to know it was not Muslims who attacked the United States, and these things have nothing to do with Muslim faith for they are not men but dogs and pigs.

Their leader Osama Bin Laden is a dog, a wolf, a man with out honor. The thing I did not think is that the people of our own nation would elect someone, and re-elect someone who was just a dog as Osama. He started a war with Iraq using lies, misinformation, and miss intelligence. Intelligence that is one thing Mr. Bush does not have accepted how to steal everything from the poor, low income, the elderly, and the disabled. He has cut education, medical care that disabled and poor, and elderly desperately need, the medications low income, disabled and elderly need.

He is not a president, he is not mine, I did not elect him I ask that the democratic minority in the house demand the impeachment of the Presidency and the administration for high crimes and mistermenors against the people of the United States of America. This administration has crossed the line of commonsense and common decency to there own people's welfare. A man does ascend to the presidency just to get revenge on someone who shamed his father. He said that he had weapons of mass destruction, he did not, he had nuclear weapons he did not, he had bio-chemical he did not. Yes he has mustard or had that was it a few surface to surface tactical missile that's it. His army was a practical joke it hardware was outdated and useless against U.S fire power and if he had any weapons of mass destruction here is a question why did he not use them. Because you frack he did not have them and neither did he have connections to the Dogs who attacked us. Bluntly you're a liar, a coward and a thief. Your State of the Union was written by a clown and given by one. You push and you will see blood in sea that will rival bloody history of Europe, you are not a leader, you are thief and usurper who have crossed the line and have stolen our government and our freedom. Force us to take up the gun.

"Because he who make me your enemy it is his fault. Here I abandon peace, here I abandon law "
Julius Caesar

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for Good men to do nothing"
Edmond Burke