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Beatings on post

he was telling the truth
I know people have come up with who they believe would post something like "Peace activist be careful", and it seemed to have settled on some guard or member of the police force, which is all they do during their shift is surf the computer, of boredom of coarse.
What is strange though were that the accounts of torture used in the Clackamas County Jail is REAL! Talk to anyone who has been in that place. Also, its true about the grotesque conditions filled with staff infections, lice, and even some ticks. There is another way of torture there also, an inmate is strapped to a chair and the inmates hands then being secured, then they ratchet this thing apart pulling the inmates body apart, and if they scream too loudly, they have on of those ball from Pulp Fiction that they use on an inmate to shut them up REALLY!. Don't believe me? Ask any human how had ever endured there and they will tell you. I sat and talked with a kid who had a ring in his nose, they ripped it off tearing hi nose. He then began to scream so they put that hallowed helmet on him and beat it silly. When I was talking to him he was gone, and I mean gone.
We do in fact, believe you 07.Feb.2006 09:19

Its justhat

We, the people, have endured torture, and beatings, and yes, even killing, in the name of what is right. We will not be out there expecting trouble, but if it happens, it will be all their doing, and we will take our lumps. That is just the way it is, when you live in a country that spends more to arm and outfit it's gestapo than it does for it's military.

The country was not formed by people who were afraid of a little action, and it will not be maintained by them, either. Witness how the democratic party has rolled over, laid down, and let the republican dog pee on it.

it's not about being intimidated 07.Feb.2006 11:04


They don't scare me either, I will be there no scared and want to show my support, but what I was saying is that those things really happen in that jail, its a torture jail! Something should be done about it.

. 07.Feb.2006 13:15