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Meet Up for Kaady Rally In Portland

I will be taking the 33 bus from 5th out to the Kaady rally in Oregon City (trimet says about and hour ride)
I will be taking the 33 bus from the bus mall in downtown Portland out to the Kaady rally in Oregon City (trimet says about and hour ride). I think that anyone else taking the bus should meet up in the square 10:45 or 11am and catch the bus together. If anyone else is interested either let me know here or show up at the square Feb. 11 10:45-11am to show that we are not okay with government sanctioned murder!
downtown meet 08.Feb.2006 05:50


let me know how many, maybe I can arrange for rides.
 prozak@tmail.com564837284635276384 (ingore the numers, they are to throw off auto spam lists

Thank you so much! 08.Feb.2006 09:32


I am planning to come, and bringing a car load. I do not know how many people there will be. I know it is difficult to get people to come out for something like this, so I am just thinking that maybe even 40 or 50 would be a very good showing, a statement that we really mean for this to be addressed. Please, everyone who cares about police violence, please come to Oregon City for this. It's very important to stand together when the police attack members of our community. I know, there are a million things to do, and time is tight for everyone. But please, if you can, come to this one. It can be hard to get motivated to get up and do something, but it's wimportant, and you will feel better. Remember, some day, you may be asking people to stand by you when they attack someone that you know. Hopefully, by then, the "procedures" that allowed them to kill Fouad will have been dismantled, and it will only be a flesh wound.

It's hard, sometimes, to decide what is worth taking the time to go to and what is not. I think, though, that this is one of those times when we really need to speak. If not to be heard by the CCSO, at least to show the Kaady family that they are NOT alone, and that we believe them.