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Rage for Foud Kaady Saturday!

The time for accountability has arrived!
Rage For Fouad Kaady
February 11, 2006
At Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Kaen Rd. at Beavercreek, Oregon City

Photo of Fouad

On September 8, 2005, Fouad Kaady, a citizen of Sandy, Oregon, Was somehow tragically involved in "multiple automobile accidents." It is unknown for certain what happened to him, whether there was a mechanical malfunction, or some other problem leading to the first impact. From that point on, it is pretty certain that he, and the car he was driving, were engulfed in flames. He continued travelling, probably in an advanced state of panic (who would not be?), striking a couple of other cars, before crashing into some trees. He bailed from the burning, totally wrecked car, probably in shock, and burned and bleeding. He was only wearing shorts, which were also on fire, and he stripped them off. What happened next is unbelievable:
The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, and subsequently the fire department, and Sandy Police, all responded to the area. Much confusion ensued, with officers everywhere, and various panicked witness statements claiming everything from a sasquatch siting to men from mars. The victim (called perpetrator by the minions of law enforcement) emerged from the woods about a quarter of a mile away from where he had fled the fire, and was spotted by a witness, who notified the first responders. First to arrive at the location were a Clackamas County Deputy (Willard), and a rookie Sandy Police Officer (Bergin), who were armed and prepared to deal with Bigfoot. Now, we take up their version of the rest of the story, as it does not really concur much with the story of the numerous witnesses in the area:

When the officers arrived, Willard was riding shotgun in Bergin's patrol car, with a fully loaded shotgun. The victim was found, seated alongside the road, nude, and "in a catatonic state." After disembarking the cruiser, the officers ordered him to show his hands, which he did. At this point, they determined that he was unarmed (intrepid investigators here), and bleeding, and his skin was burned and peeling over most of his body. Having determined this much, Willard for some unfathomable reason decided that it was time to transition to "less lethal weapons (tasers)", rather than to a first aid mode. He left his loaded shotgun on the hood of the car, and both officers then advanced to the victim's location, and commenced shouting orders for him to prone himself on the hot pavement. When he indicated that even in his shocked, and injured state, that he was more intelligent than to lay his burned body on the pavement, Bergin suggested that he should move to a nearby grassy area, and get prone (both officers indicated at this point, that he was bloody, and icky, and that they were not going to touch him, or be touched by him, under any circumstance.). When the victim was slower to respond to these unreasonable orders than the hyped up officers felt was acceptable, Bergin tasered him in the back. He immediately proned onto his back, in what must have been exquisite pain, inflicted by people that we supposedly train and pay to apply first aid (the officers later indicated that he showed tremendous strength, and was impervious to the torture that they administered, but that sort of contradicts what they said he did.). Both officers then proceeded to discharge completely, their wonder tools. When they were finished, the now hysterical victim fled to the top of their patrol car, where he was reportedly alternately growling and giggling, and according to the officers (no one else heard it) he was threatenning to kill them. Enroute to the rooftop, he had probably stepped upon Willard's (idiot) shotgun, and made no move to pick it up, or to use it. Neither did he flee into the open and running vehicle, which could have been used for escape or for a weapon. He was simply trying to avoid any more torture!!! Now, these courageous cops did the only natural and normal thing, when confronted with an obviously injured and unarmed human being, they shot and killed him!!!

Now, being a citizen of this community, We are concerned that if this is the only way that these officers know to control an injured and delerious person, we are worried about our own safety. What can be done, to bring accountability to the agencies charged with the mission, "To PROTECT and to Serve?" We REFUSE to surrender to a fascist state!
Now, you would think that, after needlessly killing a human being, the last thing one would do would be to spend countless resources trying to discredit the dead victim. You would be wrong. The Sheriff, in his rush to protect his own, began immediately trying to paint the victim as mentally disturbed (he was, after being tortured to hysteria), as perhaps on meth or other drugs (tox screen says no), and failing in this attempt, engaged in broad innuendo. Sheriff Roberts, you are now as culpable as the thugs that you have hired and retained. Sandy Police Chief Skelton? What can one say about that? He knows what an incompetent that he is.

Of course, the "authorities" point to the fact that the grand jury, after careful manipulation by the county's top cop, failed to find a true bill and indict the murderers. In an effort to delay, and thus to weaken the public outcry, Roberts promised an internal investigation, which of course those who are familiar with the process decried as just another blue ribbon dodge. We were right. The complete report of that internal investigation is available elsewhere on this site, but the final "result" predictably found no fault with their fellow officers killing a naked, burned, injured, unarmed man.


And, we will be there, when you look out of your cinder block fortress on Kaen Rd. Sheriff Roberts, you will find that the community does not agree with your self serving findings. We also promise to be there when it comes time to vote you and the DA out of office.
what time? 06.Feb.2006 19:14

disgusted by kaady's death

naked, unarmed, burned, and bleeding. how did the police possibly justify killing him? it's outrageous. i've lived in clackamas county for most of my life, and this makes me sick. people who live in clackamas county need to take responsibility for the violence being carried out by the police we support with our taxes.
what time are people meeting at the site?

Hi Noon. 06.Feb.2006 19:33


It will be at noon on Saturday. Sorry about that.

Address? 06.Feb.2006 19:40


Can someone please post the address of skelitor and willard?

Flyers/Posters 06.Feb.2006 19:51


Is there any flyers for this event.

Flyers? Yes 06.Feb.2006 20:05

Atcher sirvice

Posted elswhere on this site, but here it is again.

directions 06.Feb.2006 21:02

mor info

Police barbarity 07.Feb.2006 06:04

Alastair alastairmcgowan@btopenworld.com

I could not go past this article without commenting. This is an appalling act of inhumanity, and I am shocked that the US state has descended further into such barbarity than I ever thought possible. The police department's efforts to defend the actions of these insane officers shows how complicit they all are in the crimes. If something like that happened here in Britain the whole nation would have stopped in its tracks and the people would have stormed most of the police headquarters. That kind of barbarity belongs in the realm of serial killers. Your government knows this only too well: I guess this is why they won't sign up to any international treaties on human rights, if they did then a large section of your police and prison officials would be locked away as the torturers, murderers, and fascist footsoldiers that they are. The people of your country need to take control back from the fascists... if its not already too late.

Wales, Great Britain

Thank you to our friends across the pond 07.Feb.2006 07:46


We are so happy to hear from Wales. Your points are all so well taken. I am personnaly happy to know that someone over there knows that our government does not speak for it's people.
Our main problem lies in the fact that the illegitimate cabal has armed and armoured it's gestapo forces here at home (to keep us rabble in the que) better than they have equipped the imperialist storm troopers that they have spread around the world in order to spread "democracy" to the ignorant, and steal their resources.

Again, keep the encouragement coming from Wales and all around the world! Thank you.

BTW, anyone who is interested in posting the flyer, but cannot open the pdf documents on this site can email a friend of mine at  kubby@riseup.net, and they will send you a .doc copy that should open with MS Word, or other such software.

See you in the streets!

Address 07.Feb.2006 09:17


2223 Kaen Rd, Oregon City. Near the Clackamas County jail, which many environmental activists (and friends of Mike D) will remember. I'll be there.

this is what the flyer looks like 07.Feb.2006 14:49


Thank you, Tinkerer! 07.Feb.2006 15:10

I Tried

Many thanks for making it easier for one and all to view. I guess Acrobat reader is not as ubiquitous as it seems.

Beautiful! 07.Feb.2006 16:05

Didja know

Your copy is a picture (PNG) file, and most of the printing software now in use will allow you to print it at say, 5 by seven inches, thus getting two very legible copies from one printing, saving ink and paper, for those places where you want to drop a flier on a table, or say in a book in a book store, or on a shelf at the market, etc.

Simply copy the png file above to the desktop or whatever, and then go to work. Print, distribute, come join the rage.

Posted on San Fran Bay Area Indy Media 07.Feb.2006 17:41


Just saw the rally posted on SF Bay Area Indy Website:

Good job on getting the word out "Solidarity"!

Not acceptable 08.Feb.2006 09:50

Future protester

Why didn't they shine a flood light into his eyes and temporarily blind him so they could get a hold of him and asses the situation? Why didn't they tackle him? Why didn't they throw a blanket on him and properly treat/ detain this man? Why didn't they call for back up? Why did they have a loaded weapon in the reach of somebody who they thought was a dangerous felon? Why did they kill a naked unarmed man?
I am very conservative and I don't agree with what allot of people post in this site. I am a former special operations soldier and I have been in many life or death situations. In my experiences, when you are contemplating the use of deadly force, you need to focus on, properly identifying your target, assessing the threat, if there is one, that the person posses to the officers and ensuring a safe background where you might be shooting . What the police officers did in this case is unacceptable. Anyone who has ever been in a tactical armed position or has gone through that training could never justify what happened to this young man. This is not a political issue; this issue is about right and wrong. The officers have to know that the decision that was made was wrong and that they could have used a pile of different options to respond to the situation. I would challenge anyone who justifies what happened to this young man. I will be at the next protest to show my solidarity against what is wrong and to state what needs to be done to bring this and other deadly errors made by improperly trained police officers to the attention of all people regardless of political background or ideologies.
So you all soon,

See you there, future protester! 08.Feb.2006 14:44


Yes, this is indeed a matter of what is right. Thank you for speaking out, and I hope to see you there on Saturday.

And, I ask anyone who can to please join us on Saturday. I know it's hard to get out there. I know that there are many other things pulling at your time. I know that protesting can get discouraging, because we wonder if it even matters. But it matters to this family that enough of us go there to show that we do care, and that what happened to Fouad is not acceptable to us. If even 50 or 100 people could show up for this, it would mean a lot to the people who have been told over and over again that no one cares, that Fouad's life was not worth the bother. Please do come. Everyone is welcome. Whether you're a conservative ex-soldier who sees that this was wrong, or an anarchist in black bloc, whether you're a little old man or a young mother or a teenager, we need you all to stand with us on Saturday. Please mark your calendars and come to join us.

And thank you.

Trust me, it matters. 08.Feb.2006 15:55

Pat Henry

Those who were watching when we shut down the elk slaughter in Tillamook know, and understand, that each of our voices count. This family needs, and deserves the reinforcement that only you can give them. We want to be there for them. As important, or maybe more importantly, we have to let the establishment know that status is no longer quo, and we, the people, are assuming our rightful place in this democracy. We own it, we need to exercise that ownership, and tell these gestapo thugs that IT IS NOT O.K. TO TORTURE, AND THEN TO KILL, AN UNARMED, HELPLESS, NAKED, INJURED, BURNED, MAN. Not in this country, not in any country that we assume control of. If we are to call ourselves human, we have to call these killers out and deal with them. Maybe we are too late to prevent what happened to Fouad, maybe we are too late to get justice from the criminal system, but by the powers that the Constitution guarantees to us all, WE ARE NOT TOO LATE TO CHANGE THE POLICY, AND THE LEADERS THAT HAVE ALLOWED THE POLICY TO EXIST111111

See you Saturday.

sick men, thats al, very sick and twisted men 09.Feb.2006 05:54


These two are very sick men, and I mean mentally sick, well.... like evil sick. Willard talks about him growling like "a wild animal", when I read that I realized that even if it was an animal, even a wild animal, with burns and injuries like that, there still would be no justification for doing unto that being such evil an wickedness. I cannot comprehend that those two are on duty, driving around with guns. willard saying that Fouad said over and over again that he was going to kill him is a LIE! A LIE! Fouad was not like that, and I know if anyone knows. willard and Bergin are just sick, twisted, evil men, that's it. Evil and grotesque men. If that was me, hopefully I would have been able to grab a rock or stick then defend my life by bashing in their heads.

Solidarity forever 09.Feb.2006 21:38

Enough is enough

I will be at the protest on saturday... you should all be there too