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GOP To Boomers: DROP DEAD! $2.77 Trillion to be cut from Medicare, etc.

If it's not related to "National Security", Bush & Co. want to flush it down the toilet.
Another bombshell today from the NY Times: Bush & crew now want to cut almost 3 Trillion dollars from Medicare and other programs not related "to National Security". They call it keeping Medicare under control, but they're just gutting it in order to service their fat-cat tax-cuts. Bush repeated his call for those too. With huge increases for "Homeland defense" and 'bird-flu- preparations', whatever that might really mean. 'Entitlements' would be cut by some $65 Billion over 5 years. W's budget direcxtor just called Medicare "Unsustainable". That's the word they'll be using on you and me when we're sick and old in some welfare hospital and our Medicare has expired. We'll expire too. Of course the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost about $50 Billion for the next year, according to the GOP. Don't mention though that the USA is now running up the biggest deficit in it's HISTORY. This fiscal year's total is now $423 Billion. Who cares? Tax cuts for the super-rich, aspirin and herbs for the sick and elderly, and more shitty flak-vests for the "The Troops" over there. The level of medical care for Medicare recipients is already abysmal. Just check out the emergency rooms of any city hospital. They've all become drop-in clinics for the uninsured. Then these Republinuts have the sheer gall to blame the deficits on the "War in Iraq" and "Katrina". KATRINA? The government has spent pennies in New Orleans, letting it rot in the sun while the corporations pick over it's sorry bones. And the war? The one no one wants except the warmongering assholes that started it? Didn't we hear Bush promises that the war would be paid for by Iraq's oil revenues? NO WAY JOSE! It's being paid for by Granny. Forget the chemotherapy Grandma, and read this book by Pat Robertson on the power of prayer instead. The Democratic response to this so far has been so wimpy and pathetic I want to puke. They're whining about cuts in student aid! (probably trying to snag some college votes in November). I hate cheap comparisons to Nazi Germany, but the parallels here are striking in that Hitler's first big target was the elderly, sick and frail. (I won't mention the mentally and physically challenged, who were just plain murdered). After all, these are the most vulnerable in our society. Bush also made it clear that he has Social Security and "other entitlement programs" in his sights. But this being an election year, even he's not crazy enough to threaten Grandma's rent check just yet. This is nothing but CLASS WAR being declared on those Americans who lack the resources to successfully fight back. Those resources, those means of some level of local control over our destinies, are being destroyed methodically as the GOP and their Democratic lackeys turn a once proud democracy into a third-world police state for the very rich and their slaves.