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Vancouver Critical Mass Esther Short Park Feb.17 5:30pm

Come celebrate riding bikes on Feb. 17,at 5:30 in Downtown Vancouver,WA at Esther Short Park.
Vancouver Valentine Critical Mass Flyer
Vancouver Valentine Critical Mass Flyer
Amidst the war in Iraq, rising gas prices, and envrironmental destruction we still have the oppurtunity to come together and ride bikes and celebrate life. The Vancouver Critical Mass has been going on now for 5 months. And it is continuing on strong. It takes place on the 3rd friday of every month. Come and ride for Peace, or for a cleaner environment, or just for the fun of riding bikes with friends. I hope to see some of you out there.
Resistance 07.Feb.2006 14:03


We are the resistance in the suburban landscape to the north of the city! We are Vancouver Critical mass! Come Allies from the south and join us where those who love to bike in Vancouver!