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Willard, the Clackamas County Killer

All shall be witness
Blind ye are, Willard, and blind ye shall ever be, seeing only the dark. By ye own hands has ye doom of evil and hate been wrought, and never shall ye breath easily again upon this world, for the torments ye put on another man will forever follow ye until the end of ye days, and then even more; for on this world ye shall be known to all as an evil murderer, jesting in the torture and murder ye caused to another man as that of an animal, for even an animal does not deserve such evil, and the people of these lands would not have it, and in the afterlife ye shall be even more tormented and ye soul laid waste. Hear this also, this evil shall follow ye and all ye kin to the ends of The World, and thereafter, and ye shall come to regret that day when ye turned to thee evil of evil, and ye shall see, and all likewise, that no deed such as thee shall ever rest. This does not come from me, but is put into my heart at this very moment, for come now and attempt to slay me, and ye will find hundreds more with a vengeance ye have not seen nor comprehended follow ye paths until the day ye soul is delivered to The Power that is, and you shall trail this world a haggard, a dastard, too long until ye life wanes and ye wish for death, and ye death will seem as a boon to ye at the end of a life branded as a man not unlike Satan himself, for no evil deed will ye find an essay unto ye self from others, but instead will find the pain of living with such an evil heart the more to endure, the love within the eyes of children the harder to see, and ye life the more to loath, may ye have a long and dreadful life.
well said!! 06.Feb.2006 20:29


willard i hope you burn in hell!!

fore ever 07.Feb.2006 22:52


You are an evil, evil cruel man, you are now branded 'the Claclamas County Killer", your just like a low life scum murderer, or actually you ARE. YOUR A COWARD!