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Aerial view of Fouad Kaady Demonstration site

For those of you coming to the event on the 11th, this is an aerial view of the area, in the center, the "justice Center" is the building nearest to where we will assemble. The building was not there when google got the photo, so it is only a place marker, does not appear like this.
You can also type in Kaen Rd, Oregon City, in Google Earth, and explore on your own. This should give those preparing to come some decent reconoitering time.
And now, directions to the site 06.Feb.2006 07:39

Otto Toun

From I 205 (either direction): Take the Oregon City Park Place exit to Hwy 213 S (Trails End Hwy), proceed to the third traffic light (Beavercreek Rd) and turn right. Continue N on Beavercreek Rd, past Third light, and when the road starts to bend more to the right, there will be a large county building on the left (at Kaen Rd). Now, look at the aerial, and you should be able to find somewhere to park among all the parking lots around. The one immediately South of Kaen Rd is not open to public parking, but there are businesses and public lots all up and down the road. There are several short cuts to other neighborhoods, as well.

See you in the streets.

and remember the #33 bus 06.Feb.2006 09:24


For those without cars who may be coming from pdx, the #33 trimet runs right up kaen rd. Check trimet's website, or call 238-RIDE.