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The America We Once Knew

Remember how America used to be before this fascist regime hijacked the 2000 elections?
Written by True Patriot

Remember when you were a child and we heard stories of
Communist Russia? Our teachings didn't seem to stretch
to other Communist countries as much as they did Russia.

We were told how the Russian government controlled their
peoples' way of thinking. We were told the government
watched every move their people made. They were watched
on the street; the government could enter the homes of
their people without warrants and take who ever they wanted
without warrants.

If a Russian citizen disagreed with the government they
were taken into custody and interrogated as a threat to
the government.

Phones could be tapped without warrants and mail could be
read anytime. We thought "How lucky we are that we are in
America where such things are unheard of and against all
that America stands for".

Now, in today's America: Phones are being tapped without
warrants, government officials may enter your home without
warrants, take you away for interrogation "as a threat to
the government" if you disagree with the government.

New laws say today's government can read your mail, email,
what you read in the way of books and where you go on the
internet, all in the name of "protecting the country against
those who are not with us".

This is not the free America I remember. Seems we are now
a "Republic of America" with full control of the biggest
government this country has ever seen.

Russian children are probably being taught in schools how
lucky they are.

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