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Stop Cornelius Walmart!

The Cornelius City Council will decide Monday night whether or not to allow Walmart in town. People interested in stopping this Walmart are encouraged to come to this council meeting, Monday, February 6th, 7PM at the Public Service building, 1310 N. Adair St, Cornelius.
The City of Cornelius Planning Commission has already approved Walmart's design application for an 193,000 sq. ft. Supercenter next to Adair Street (TV Hwy); the only thing left now is whether the City Council will approve a ~3 acre zone change from residential to commercial. A 'no' vote on the zone change will stop Walmart's current plan. Your presence and especially your testamonies can help stop Cornelius stop Walmart.

The reasons to oppose Walmart are varied. To many, they are obvious.

For the small town of Cornelius, a Walmart will mean even *worse traffic* on the underfunded State Highway running through this community. It will mean *less residential land* for a city already facing a residential shortfall. It will mean *fewer jobs* for the city; even if Walmart doesn't put nearby Thriftway out of business, it will be creating far fewer jobs than should be created for a development of its size according to the City's own plan. Finally, a Walmart retail center flies in the face of the city's plan for a pedestrian friendly mainstreet of small retail shops and houses.

For nearby Forest Grove and Hillsboro, traffic caused by a Walmart in Cornelius will mean money spent on TV Highway, police, and emergency services instead of more important local uses. Walmart will mean money drained out of local stores and cities and into the hands of the worlds richest family.

For the Metro region, a Walmart in Cornelius is another foot in the door. It is important to stop them now, and send a message that Portland and Metro's citizens care more about our neighborhoods than cheap underwear! A victory for Cornelius is a victory for everyone.

If you can make it, you are strongly encouraged to come to this very important City Council meeting. If you are from Cornelius thats great (but not required). If you want can talk about personal experiences and the problems caused by traffic or Walmart that would also really help. Simply showing up will help show the council that this important issue will affect many people.

The meeting will start at 7PM on Monday February 6th at the Public Service Building, 1310 N. Adair Street in Cornelius. You can get there by TV Hwy or Trimet Bus #57. Come, and bring friends, family, fellow union members, people you meet riding their bikes... etc!

homepage: homepage: http://corneliusfirst.org/

Bend Oregon is 05.Feb.2006 20:44


a model for how to stop Walmart from entering the community. Research how they did it and adapt it to your area.

Where is Metro in all of this? 06.Feb.2006 00:27


The duplicitous M*****F***ers at Metro swore up and down that even though growth is bad for everything, they will do everything needed to mitigate its impacts, including steering growth into walkable main streets. So where are they to stop this crap and all of the other car-dependent crap that keeps going up around here? Sitting with their thumbs up their butts and their hands in their pockets, playing with the cash provided to them by developers and corporate thieves who don't give a rat's ass about people or the environment, only their profit.

bend, metro 06.Feb.2006 09:00


thanks for the comments.

Bend's group, Our Community First, has the nice website:  http://www.notanotherwalmart.org/

Metro should help on this. They actually did a study of corridors including TV Hwy and the reports (  http://www.metro-region.org/article.cfm?articleid=15984 - read the summary PDF first) suggest as a rule that local governments zone high density residential and office space along corridors. They say to keep retail commercial out of corridors so it doesn't compete with main street retail. So I think Metro would agree that Walmart doesn't fit in with the Metro vision; in fact, the Gresham Metro councilor wrote to that city saying exactly the same thing - Walmart is incompatible with our vision. Hopefully in the future Metro can write a rule against certain big box retail, esp. Walmart.

Nay, stop ALL WalMarts 08.Feb.2006 08:59

Duna Shop

Do not buy from Wal Mart. Make your friends and neighbors know that they are killing the poor, robbing the middle class, and overburdening our local entities.