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Deputy Willard reads the bible!

Perhaps the most enlightenning thing that I have learned from the reading of Deputy Willard's statement concerning the murder of Fouad Kaady, is that he claims to read the bible daily. IZZAT SO?
If this is true, deputy Willard, please enlighten me. I have only read it a few times myself, but I cannot find the part where it says that we should kill another human being for the crime of being injured, bloody, and scary to touch. Our Lord even went among the (ugh)lepers. You are afraid of a little blood and toasted skin? Shame.

Like I say, I have only read it a little. You know, the good parts, like about a Samaritan? Oh, and there was something about doing unto others...

But enough about my limited reading. Please post here, and enlighten us all, deputy dogood. Tell us about Jesus, and how you walk with him every day, and how you commune with him, in a state of advanced grace. We await enlightenment, o wonder hero.
Isn't that nice? 05.Feb.2006 16:52

chruch lady

Perhaps it is somewhere in those beatitude thingies. That was all so confusing, what with all the blessed Art..who the heck is Art, anyway

The deputy probably just looks at the pictures... 06.Feb.2006 07:27

Pravda or Consequences

They aren't the first to cherry pick the words of people who weren't even there.