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I'll tell you what is happening with the net folks.

For people using a dial up accounts, you now have a four hour time limit imposed by level3 communications. Even though your isp states "UNLIMITED SERVICE" on their home page.
This is what has been put in place to stop dial up users from being able to either download large video files from sites like INNWorldReport or watching it's daily programing. The files sizes are 44meg to 48meg and it takes more than four hours to load it at 28.8 or 32.2 connection using dial up service.

I live in an area where dsl/cable is not available an use dial up to connect to the web and satellite is to costly cause I'm using a mac. So I'm stuck with using dial up and stuck having to go through level3 communications as most of us are here in the northwest.

At 3kps and a connection speed of say 32.2, you won't be able to do updates on your system software with the time limit imposed!
that sucks about the time limit 05.Feb.2006 17:04


However, if you've got a current version of a decently sophisticated I-net browser (Firefox, probably Opera, god forbid Internet Exploder) then you should be able to resume a download that was cut off. So, it would take more than one session, but you COULD get anything downloaded with a little persistence.