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CODE PINK makes its Southern Oregon Debut!

"True State of the Union" - Video & Audio Report
Rally report-back from Veterans Park in Medford, February 4, 2006

CODE PINK added some life to a great rally today. Here is a song from the women in pink, it is being presented as both a video Quicktime file and as an audio only Quicktime file

Go to this Rogue IMC Feature to view the Quiktime video or listen to the audio-only version
CODE PINK' - Southern Oregon Debut
CODE PINK' - Southern Oregon Debut
On February 4, 2006 seventy five Southern Oregonians assembled at Veterans Park in Medford, Oregon at a rally sponsored by Citizens for Peace & Justice. Demonstrators stood together to profess the "Real State of the Union"

The Medford Mail Tribune FAILED AGAIN to report the news, but citizen journalists were on hand to cover this event.

Was much fun, and the sun shined on our cause.

Check out this (first time ever in southern oregon) song from CODE PINK

"True State of the Union PHOTO REPORT"
Rally Sponsored by Citizens for Peace and Justice "CPJ"
Homepage::  http://www.medfordcpj.org
Brava!!! 06.Feb.2006 09:35

PinkPanther terri@codepinkportland.org

Brava, Code Pink Sisters to the south from Code Pink Sisters to the North! You rock!

Listen to Code Pink in Phoenix 06.Feb.2006 14:15

AZ Radio IMC

Code Pink is active in Phoenix,and you can listen to them in 2-4-06 Anti-Bush in Phoenix in parts of this recording here: