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Porter Goss: CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?

Ionatron that was a CIA investment that was 'touted' or promoted over the internet to increase demand and price of its shares that the CIA employee-investors then dumped on the market thus decreasing other investors share price,basically defrauding them...If the CIA wishes to use 911 to promote lesser civil liberties from now into the future perhaps they should at least pledge not to invest in and thus tamper with our stock markets.
Porter Goss CIA Cyber and stock fraud ops damaged by leaks ?

Although CIA Director Porter Goss makes a big 'to do' about 'leaks' doing damage to his 'intelligence' operations the examples he cites are really only journalistic investigations of CIA torture which is clearly in violation of international law as well as U.S. law until recently. Spying including internet and cell phones is mainly on U.S. citizens as it turns out !

Porter Goss provides no more proof of neccessity for violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens than his predecessor George Tenet did for the existence of 'WMDS' in Iraq.And the torture he justifies has exceeded and violated not only inmternational law but I dare say American law as well.

And what,pray tell,does Mr. Porter Goss feel the need to nose his agency into the personal lives of people who would wish to have nothing to do with him or the NSA or the Iraq war,etc. in the first place ? Perhaps Porter Goss should be more concerned,(now that his CIA is openly investing or speculating in the stock market and public companies through In-Q-Tel) about possible conflicts his agency's investments in such government IT companies. as SRA International that simultaneously is contracted to the NSA,DOJ,GAO, SEC,U.S.Air Force,Coast Guard and so on.

The very fact that the CIA is invested can send a stock's price above market value based upon shear spuculation that the CIA's connections in Washington's government can bring government money or corporate welfare through 'pork barrel' spending.Ionatron is one CIA investment that was 'touted' or promoted over the internet to increase demand and price of its shares that the CIA employee-investors then dumped on the market thus decreasing other investors share price,basically defrauding them.

Whether George 'WMDS' Tenet had direct links to the pump and dump of Ionatron he was certainly capable of making wild and false claims to the public about 'WMDS' that shows he could indeed fit in and flourish in the scammy world of cheap and crooked penny stock promotors as he could promoting non-existent 'WMDS' as CIA Chief.He did definitely meet penny stock promoters from Agora Inc in New Orleans in 2004 who may have promoted the Ionatron shares
the CIA later sold or dumped.

SRA International is perhaps to me the biggest cover up corporate welfare case the CIA ever involved itself with and somehow has received untold hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. government contracts while even having it shares promoted offshore in Kuala Lumpur and over their world wide internet website belladorgoup.com by a boiler operation called Bellador Goup with offices in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai ! Should Americans not be informed about CIA activities over the internet when even stock market fraud may now be involved ? Or should the CIA and the NSA cooperate with the SEC to find out exactly how Mr.Taylor of Bellador Group (or ask his Arizona attorney Ron Logan) came to promote SRA International shares offshore in terrorist suspect money laundering havens such as Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, etc.,in the first place. And why has the SEC itself that also contracts its IT work to SRA International,not investigated Bellador boiler room ops offshore and possible onshore(through internet,telephone,etc.) activities in various U.S. penny stocks.Endovasc was a James Dale Davidson(of Agora Inc,National Taxpayers Union,etc.),pump and dump scam that Bellador Group was also involved in offshore boiler room and share sales promotions of the worthless shell company coincidentally.

That the NSA,CIA,SEC,et.al.pretends not to notice even though even Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur securities agencies or commissions warn their own citizens of them.Rumor is Bellador Group's Mr.Taylor has a history of U.S.penny stock promotions and scams and yet the SEC continues to allow them,post 911, to use and sell worthless U.S. penny stocks offshore for money and possibly money laundering !!

Speaking of which SRA International created Mantas Inc,the supposed AML or Anti-Money Laundering software company and spun it off or sold it to that penny stock company SafeGuard Scientifics(its shares that once soared to near $100 per share are now rarely above $2).So it has been little more than a share pump an dump in its own right.Yet even when Mantas changed corporate hands SRA International and or Mantas bigwig Barry Landew bragged of Mantas retaining all or most of its old employees.Meaning that a CIA connected and invested company has been the founder on Mantas Inc and thus is the software used by Charles Schwab,UBS,....,to snoop into your or my banking or stock tranactions.At the same time the CIA,with its new In-Q-Tel investment corporation and possible offshore accounts, may be betting against you or me in the very same stock market our brokerage accounts buy and sell in ! They may be able to access Mantas Inc.'s records of companies,(bankers,brokers,etc.), they do business with would come in very handy for betting in or against the market for an information elite.

If the CIA wishes to use 911 to promote lesser civil liberties from now into the future perhaps they should at least pledge not to invest in and thus tamper with our stock markets.And if SRA International shares that have greatly benefitted In-Q-Tel - CIA investors they have as much ethical responsibility and one would think,legal responsibility to answer for SRA International shares,a company whose virtually only business is with U.S. government IT and thus National Security,have its shares promoted by a scandalous boiler room offhore in terrorist suspect money laundering havens ? This is a company that eats from the trough of Homeland Security and for which the CIA,conflict of interest or not,is or has been a major investor and beneficiary ! So why lecture us about the need for internet spying when the CIA or NSA may very be benefitting from internet stock fraud and offshore stock boiler room ops through insider info no one else could obtain ? I'm not saying this is happening or that the CIA or SRA International benefitted from Bellador Group's boiler room activities but I am saying it should be investigated at a time when our military-internet complex bullies itself to spy on every word or phrase in great part through the infrastructure of SRA International and a few other miltary-internet complex corporations.SRA not only provides the CIA with daily briefings but also the White House's as well.They also boast of their NetOwl search engine which would probably be at least part of the NSA's web search or even email search technology and the basis of the CIA's White House daily ' intelligence' briefing I suppose..

Again the CIA should divest itself of all stock market activities due to obvious conflicts between the need for insider information relative to conflict as insider investors in having that information.Better yet the CIA should divest itself both of major investments in speculative companies as well as companies such as the anti-money laundering Mantas of SRA International that failed to detect illegal pump and dump of Endovasc from a Charles Schwab account in late 2002 for whatever reason.Mantas may also have failed to detect huge penny stock manipulations from Charles Schwab's LOM or Lines Overseas Management of Bermuda acount as well. Why ?

Goss says leaks hurt U.S. intelligence
Feb 3, 2006, 17:01 GMT
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WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- Leaks that led to articles on secret prisons and a terror spying program hurt the U.S. efforts in the war on terror, CIA Director Porter Goss said.

Goss, speaking Thursday before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said leaks to the media inflict 'very serve' damage on the U.S. intelligence community`s ability to carry out its mission, The Washington Post reported.

The CIA director also defended a program, revealed in December by The New York Times, in which the National Security Agency has been authorized to monitor communications by suspected terrorists, even if those communications are in the United States.

The Justice Department is looking into those leak allegations.

The existence of the secret prisons, allegedly used by the United States to question terror suspects, came to light after a leak to the Post.

'It is my aim and it is my hope that we will witness a grand jury investigation with reporters present being asked to reveal who is leaking this information,' Goss said. 'I believe the safety of this nation and the people of this country deserves nothing less.'

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