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Odds favor the lions

Well, as they start throwing the Christians into the Colliseum today, and the falafel and watered wine are selling out,
How about those of us with interests that do not involve needless pain, suffering and bloodshed spending our time planning for next weekend's big event? Fouad Kaady, and all the rest who have been needlessly terminated by the borg need to rise up, and show our contempt for the system that continually supports these killers.

Everyone-please print the below poster as many times as you can afford to, and take to the streets, spread the word. When bubba gets out of his stratolounger, and stumbles into the light of day, his blood thirst quenched, let the first thing he sees be the poster.

See you on the streets of Clackamas County!
Downloaded trouble 05.Feb.2006 17:01

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

The only thing legible was the picture.

Should open right up 05.Feb.2006 17:26


Works just fine, with Adobe acrobat (free download) reader.