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Clackamas County Peace activists BE CAREFUL!

Sharpshooters and Snipers will be watching out of citizens view.
Clackamas County Peace activists planning on attending the February 11th demonstration need to be careful! Sharp shooters and snipers will be placed out of citizens and the media's view, this is to "insure the officers safety when needing to enter or exit their work place", according to Sgt. Jeff Grahm, a supervisor at the Clackamas County Sheriffs department.
The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office is located next to the Clackamas County Jail, a filth and disease infested place were animals would not be kept under ANY circumstance, a building of terror and regular beatings of inmates by guards and sheriffs who place phone books over the spot of the humans body which is then beaten severely, this to insure of no direct markings left on the victims. Ask inmates, present and past about this practice, it is not unusual to hear screams of terror, pain, and torture echo throughout the jail in the middle of the night.
There is another common practice, among many which can only be devised by these so called "people" who treat humans in a way that none would not treat an animal, this is when an empty, hallowed helmet is placed on the head of an inmate, then using clubs, a beaten follows that causes severe mental and brain trauma with no markings of abuse.
It is placed in an obscure, wide area of long grass with many places to hide. Stay together and never stop the VIDEO cameras, no matter what you are threatened with. Remember, all they have to say is that they "felt like an officers life was in danger"! The lives of normal Citizens are not as worthy as those of a police officers, we have learned that one many, many deaths ago, accept it, your life is not worth anything to that of a police officers, if it just seems that his life is in danger, then they can kill as many people as they see as a risk at that moment to those police officers who have their scope on the citizens. It hurts, but it true, do not be afraid for in numbers we are safe. DO NOT WALK OFF ALONE! Use the "buddy system"
God Bless you all, and may he protect your voice of freedom and justice!
WE will see you there.
more advice 05.Feb.2006 01:20


whatever you do, do NOT show up to this peaceful protest against the murderous practices of the clackamas county sheriff's office and the sandy police suffering from third degree burns over most of your body and your clothes burned off! this will likely get you tased, then killed, then tased a few more times.

little more 05.Feb.2006 01:58


Don't drive! You could get into an accident then get shot and killed! By a Cop! Really!

NO HYSTERIA! 05.Feb.2006 08:35


This, for some reason, got posted elsewhere, but it belongs here:

Let's not let the Sheriff's (above, fear, fear) fright gang lead us into hysteria. This is just pure propaganda, at it's best, although the part about burned and injured accident victims is real, let us not be jumping at shadows.
If Roberts' rangers want to waste their time, our money, and their energy, placing folks around to intimidate us, let them. All the less money they have to place deputies on the street, where they are really dangerous. We have too many well placed cameras, and highly placed individuals watching, for their tactics to frighten. Even THEY are not stupid enough to pop caps at a peaceful assembly in the daylight, with all the people watching.

We will be there anyway, thank you 05.Feb.2006 09:37


Activists must always be careful, because they are working to change the system. It's an ingrained system working to benefit a few, and those few are powerful enough to mess with you if they want to. But we are powerful too, because we are right. Joining in the struggle against police violence can be scary, because we already know the police are violent. We already know they have guns and tasers and pepper spray, they have special little "laws," and they have "procedures" that say they can do whatever they want. But we have each other. And that makes us much stronger than they think.

I don't know where "insider" got his or her information about "snipers" and "sharp shooters," but it's not going to stop me from being there. This is too important. If this was posted as a friendly warning, then I thank insider, and I would love for him or her to post more info. But if it was posted as a scare tactic from the CCSO, try again. And either way, if they're so scared of members of this community coming to call them out, then they must know what we know: That they are wrong.

This protest is not about compromising the safety of the silly little officers scurrying to the safety of their little enclave, before some scary, bloody, naked guy touches them or some mean protester says a nasty word. This is about publically calling them out. This is about an ancient social sanction that their hearts will understand even if their "procedures" do not. This is a public ostracism, a tarring and feathering, a speaking of the truth. This is about breaking through their PR campaigns and battering down their verbose denials and cracking through the word vomit they put up to "justify" what they do. This is the people of this community, you and me, making it very, very clear to them that we're on to them. We mean to take away their power to do what they did to Fouad Kaady, and we will start right there on their doorstep. But we will not stop there. We will not stop until the killing stops.

Illusion of Freedom is Cops' Top Priority, not Intimidation 05.Feb.2006 09:45

Russell Hallberg

It appears to this antiwar protester that law enforcement is NOW expected to uphold the image of democracy at antiwar protests. Post 9/11 arrogance has given way to police protecting the illusion of democracy.

I was fortunate enough to attend the the 2003 Fort Doge, Iowa protest where Grinnel College Librarian Chris Gaunt was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. She was part of the group that had planned to be arrested, as an act of civil disobedience. The group's plan did not include assaulting police officers. They had been trained to be arrested as nonviolent protesters. The police were in riot gear and the atmosphere was extremely tense. The case became a black eye for the Bush Administration, the Patriot Act and now FORMER Attorney General John Ashcroft.


"There was a huge outcry against the subpoenas and gag order by the Iowa Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, and the National Lawyer's Guild. Iowa Senators Harkin and Grassley demanded of Ashcroft why peace activists were being spied on and why Drake University was being gagged. From all appearances this was nothing but an attempt to stretch the PATRIOT Act into a force against peaceful protesters and potentially label them domestic terrorists. The word got out nationally and internationally. We had reporters in from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the National Catholic Reporter, the Progressive, the Nation, Salon, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the PBS program NOW with Bill Moyers. Most recently, a French investigative television news program came to Des Moines to do interviews about the case."

My own "9/11 Inside Job" signed caused nervousness with some protesters and support from others.

Cowards! 05.Feb.2006 10:59


Only a Police Department full of cowards would even consider something like snipers and sharpshooters, wasn't some kind of letter posted where they sent this DEATH SQUAD recently to deal with Fouads sister? They tazored a burn victim then shot and killed Fouad, fuck them, I dare them to shoot me, COWARDS!

whats up with Clackamas County citizens? how do they allow such scum to drive around their area with guns? Don't they have kids? People in Sandy are crazy to even let their kids outdoors with a gang of murderous thugs racing around. WAKE UP SANDY AND CLACKAMAS COUNTY! You have murderers with guns calling themselves Public Servants, when actually they are public executioners!

Not stopping me 05.Feb.2006 11:39


Even if there are going to be sharpshooters, who cares? How will it make them looks if they shoot some innoccent peace protester for doing nothing. That would be be alot harder to cover up than Fouaad's murder. I'll be there and I hope everyone who stands for justice and against murder will be there too.

Right on, CatWoman 05.Feb.2006 15:08

Ahlbe Thar

As usual, you hit the nail right on the sweet spot. I suspect, as do you, that the posting was a deputy (perhaps taking a break from his bible reading) attempting to scare the bejeezus out of people, who are merely exercising their Constitutional (Just a God Damned piece of paper) right to peaceful dissent. It is our highest moral and legal duty to be there, to speak out against gross injustice.

Just found this 05.Feb.2006 23:10


Hope I can upload this picture...