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traces of an NSA website visit

are there are traces left behind when an NSA computer accesses your web site? what do these traces indicate?
As you know, the NSA domestic spying program is on-going. Does it leave behind detectable traces when it shifts through a web site -- say, a website devoted to anarchist materials? It sure does, that is, if you've got a program or service that records and displays the hosts/servers that have been used to access such a web site (it isn't hard). Just a few days ago -- after, we should add, visits from the military's CIFA and the CIA -- our program recorded a visit from "jadenova72.ncsc.mil." During that single visit, the person/robot only accessed a single KB of information.

If you do a Google search, you'll find that NCSC stands for National Computer Security Center, which is operated by the NSA, but you'll find absolutely nothing for "Jadenova72." (Typically NSA servers have more interesting names, things from classical mythology, etc.) As for only pulling 1 KB when the minimum for a single web page is 4 KB, our explanation is that the data-gathering NSA robot is searching through the code, not the text that is actually displayed, looking for certain words/combinations of words.
A close up photo of your home! 04.Feb.2006 23:11

Chalky and Noz

Check this out.
Download this
You can get a satelite image of any address in the world.
No kidding.Just type in your own address or anyone elses and zoom in.
You can even see the car parked outside the front of the house!
So if you can do it, well just make sure you have the curtains drawn!

more info needed please! 05.Feb.2006 14:17


Did you do a whois to find out the info you posted? Like the ip address of this intruder who was data mining?

I get hits from us.da.qwest, interbusiness.it(these guys like to send you viruses imbedded in emails), rr.com, apple's servers from china, ge, hp, bellsouth, fastcolation.com, datapipe, pnap, aol, hinet, algx.net, comcast.net and so on that are attempting to shout me down or hack my box. All of these hits are aimed at ports 1025(blackjack), 1026, 1027, 1028, 1029, 1030 or other ports like 445, 137, 138, 139, 2, 4297, 4073, 4455, 4081, 135, 22.

The cia's china network is at work too to shout down people on the net at my firewall logs clearly show. In conversation with qwest not long ago, the cia has unlimited access to your phone line and does not need a warrant to spy on you or u.s. citizens.

"our explanation is that 06.Feb.2006 19:45

A. I. Robot

the data-gathering NSA robot is searching through the code, not the text that is actually displayed, looking for certain words/combinations of words."

Actually, probably looking for tell-tale signs of encryption. For example, a message could be hidden (encrypted) into a jpeg file. Or into any file. So the NSA skims it ALL to see if there are encrypted messages anywhere.

Of course, on another level altogether, they could be searching for certain words/combinations of words also.

Or they could just be processing bits for the fun of it.

They're weird, you know.