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Officer involved shooting

A man has been shot in Aloha.
This is breaking news. There has been a police involved shooting in Ahoha this afternoon. Apparently there was a domestic fight between a man and a woman and police were called. The man was armed and police tried "non-lethal" weapons, but ended up finally shooting the man. He is now in critical condition in OHSU. The crime scene is being investigated now there are no other details available.
sounds like police made a mistake... 04.Feb.2006 19:23


... because if they shoot someone, they only have a good chance to defend themselves if the victem is actually killed.

officer shooting equals vacation 04.Feb.2006 19:59

sick of it

when cops shoot people in oregon (and most other places), it usually means a paid vacation until the officer is cleared by a grand jury spoonfed by a cop-friendly district attorney.

if the victim is killed, all the better: it usually takes longer to cover up all the loose ends.

If you're tired 04.Feb.2006 21:04

anti-police violence

Start the ball rolling toward change by coming to the CCSO on February 11th to protest "procedures" that allow police to shoot and kill an innocent, unarmed man and get away with it. For details, see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/333031.shtml