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SOU student suicidal, so cops use a stun gun

Are Oregon cops stun gun and taser gun crazy?
On page 3 of the Oregonians (2-4-06) metro section a story tells of an OSU student who took an overdose of sleeping aids.
The cops, on being asked by his parents to check up on him as they were concerned he was suicidal smashed down his door and used a stun gun on him ('to subdue him')!
Surely if he had taken so many sleep aids who would have been very drowsy if not dead already.
The unfortunate student Nick Hanson, 24, died from the sleeping aid, according to a toxicology report.
Is a stun gun the way cops help out?
It seems one should never ask the cops to help, whether its Sandy, Portland or Ashland.
why on earth!? 04.Feb.2006 17:52


if someone overdosed on SLEEPING pills (of all things!), why on earth would a stun gun be necessary!? chances are, the guy is either unconcious or dead, so they shoot him with a taser!!! what do you think those guy's are gonna accomplish?

Right on, Calvin 04.Feb.2006 20:22

What the-? Indeed.

As always, Calvin, you see right to the core, and challenge establishment ennui.

Thanks for bringing this up! 04.Feb.2006 21:02

Important to remember

Yeh, I saw this a few days ago. Lew Nassa posted it here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332829.shtml

Unbelievable, isn't it? Some day, they will have things like tasers and pepper spray cannisters and pellet guns in museums, and tourists will gawk at what an uncivilized and barbaric culture amerikkka was, where roving gangs of armed thugs patrolled the streets and tortured people at will, and got away with it because they "followed procedures."

If you want to help put an end to police violence like this, and to stand in solidarity with a family who has experienced this very real devastation first hand, please join me on February 11th for the demonstration at CCSO. (See  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/333031.shtml for details.)

Disturbing to me 04.Feb.2006 23:01

Suicide prevention

I'm really wondering whether or not it was really the sleeping pills that did him.

This is disturbing to me because I can remember feeling pretty confused at that age too . . .

I can remember being an OSU student in my 20's when a neighbor killed himself, knowing nothing of his suffering

a few years later Kurt Cobain of Nirvana blew his brains out,

and later on I realized there are a lot of young people confused, desperate, and suicidal out there . . .

So what are the facts? Please someone get them straight:

Was this an Oregon STate University Student from Corvallis Oregon (or perhaps Bend?)

or a Southern Oregon University Student from Ashland?

What was his/her name?

His Name was Nick Hansen 05.Feb.2006 16:18

Lew Nassa

An earlier post gave a more extensive account of the story, but Nick was an SOU student, and an athlete, in crisis. There is no argument posited as to whether he was suicidal. Also, according to the coroner, the taser was not at fault. I am certain, however, that neither was it any kind of appropriate first aid. Here is the link to the story that was carried here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/01/332829.shtml