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9.11 investigation

Has anyone seen Smedley Butler?

Well, sadly, Smedley is not around anymore but today we desperately need someone like him to help us stop the complete destruction of our freedoms by the industrialists and secret societies that have taken over this country.
Who was Smedley Butler and why is he such a great American?

A bit about Smedley Butler and the American fascist coup attempt in the 30s, from Wikipedia:

"The Business Plot, The Plot Against FDR, or The White House Putsch was a conspiracy of moneyed interests, which tried to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the early years of the Great Depression. The allegations of the plot came to light when Marine Corps General Smedley Butler testified to the existence of the plot before the McCormack-Dickstein Committee in 1933 [1]. In this testimony, Butler claimed that a group of several men had approached him as part of a plot to overthrow Roosevelt in a fascist military coup. In their final report, the Congressional committee supported Butler's allegations on the existence of the plot [2], but no prosecutions or further investigations followed, and the matter was mostly forgotten."



This plot was meant to take place to correspond with the rise of fascism in Europe to help institute a new world order by the banking, occult elite.

What many Americans are not aware of is that this elite has firmly taken over this country and is now putting in place the people and agencies to prepare for martial law. If one doubts that they are preparing for martial law, one should ask why the Bush administration put in place two criminals in charge of America's top intelligence services -- John Negroponte, the famous central American death squad supporter, is the new National Intelligence Director, and Michael Chertoff, a torture apologist, is now director of Homeland Security.

Also evidence that the apparatus is being set up for martial law is that the courts are being stacked by Federalist's society judges who are supportive of the "unitary executive" doctrine, which would allow Bush and the neocon fascists to have unbridled powers unencumbered by the legislative or judicial branches of government.

And, just recently it was announced that Halliburton's KBR was just awarded a $385 million dollar contract for building camps here in the United States, allegedly for an influx of immigrants who are just dying to get into the Brave New World.

 link to www.democraticunderground.com

What Americans Must Do:

Americans must expose 9/11 -- the inside job by the intelligence agencies of the elite or factions inside them, (i.e., the CIA, NSA, Mossad, M16). This is the fulcrum issue for the War on Terror, which is why 9/11 is such and important issue for the left to discredit. Without this key issue, the elites have no rational for spying on you, for pre-emptive war, for taking away civil liberties and a whole host of other draconian laws and measures, including martial law.

The time is right to take back our country from the fascists because to not do so would condemn all of us to lives of slavery and perpetual war. We must act now, before they close down the Internet, and before they commit another false flag job and institute martial law.

What we desperately need are more Smedley Butlers.
War is a Racket 04.Feb.2006 15:52


Gen. Butler's book "War is a Racket" while short and old fashioned it gives the same warnings as did Ike. We are stuck with the military-industrial complex as the millions of weapons (and weapon tech.) employees will vote for the war mongers. The only major manufacuring in the US today is war material and if we can't use it up fast enough, we sell it to other countries. Who is profitting from the present situation? Halliburton, KBR, Rayethon, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, etc. Not only will those employed vote for war , taxes are circulated from the people, to government, to Mil-Ind. Complex, and via lobbyist, to Congress. Peaceful people have to find a way to break this cycle.

learn about Smedley and 1934 fascist dictatorship Wall Street Plot he spoiled 04.Feb.2006 16:06


Title: THEY DID IT BEFORE in '34... EXCERPTS: Butler exposes 1933-'34s real WALL STREET FASCIST PLOT
Author: excerpts_from_book
Date: 2004.10.03 07:42
Description: THEY DID IT BEFORE in '34... excerpts of Jules Archer's book, The Plot to Seize the White House; Major General Smedley D. Butler exposes '33-'34's real Wall Street fascist plot This is an extensive through succinct excerpt of THE VERY RARE Jules Archer book, The Plot to Seize the White House. Hawthorn Books, Inc. New York: New York. 1973. It has a comparison of this Congressional Committee verified, very real 1933-34 fascist plot strategy, with a post-9-11 America...


The book discusses the fascist plot organized by the Dupont, Morgan, and high financial & military armaments families in the United States to usurp the FDR presidency (and the presidency in general) in 1934 and replace it with a fascist dictator that would be more beholden to them—because they would appoint it and because they would make formal changes to the U.S. government.

These formal changes were designed to minimize the elective legislative/presidential aspects of the U.S. by creating a 'back door' appointment framework through the creation of the post of a huge centralizing General Secretary of Government Affairs who would really run the government. They would be outside the electoral framework.

This plot additionally involved a 500,000 man volunteer army to seize Washington DC in 1934-5 over several days to enforce these changes.

This was revealed in Congressional Committee investigations in 1934: the McCormack-Dickstein Committee. The plot's design was to turn a veteran's 'superorganization' into a volunteer army that would be wielded publicly by a well known commander. The 'superorganization' would be privately organized, privately paid, and privately militarily supplied with arms and ammunition by Remington Arms (owned by the Duponts). The expected number was 500,000 veterans.

They would take Washington DC, installing a form of fascist dictatorship either with or without FDR depending on how well FDR 'played'. The point man selected, retired Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, was pressured by several of the actors involved with the hopes that he could be weaned from his loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and to democracy, into supporting their means of a "proxy-presidential" based dictatorship that would usurp Roosevelt—-and all elected presidents after that of course.

The veterans organization that was designed for this purpose was the American Liberty League (1933-1936).

However, Butler instead of leading a fascist coup, toyed with them long enough to expose the plot to the Senate and to the U.S. media in 1934. He felt out the group until he could discover the more important backers, once he understood that something else was going on than simply an approach to him to lead a 'veterans organization' once large sums of cash were being openly discussed with him in the funding of this veterans organization, as well as their main interest of economic policy change instead of helping veterans.

He found that, among others, the millionaire 'perfumed prince,' retired military officer Mr. Clark, and multiple connections to the American Legion (Grayson-Murphy; Belgrano; others) were cited as connected with the fascist plot. (In the book you will learn that the American Legion was manipulated to be utilized illegally as a paramilitary strike breaking organization in the 1930s.) Additionally, J. P. Morgan and Company and the Rockefeller family's National City Bank were involved. The go-between between Morgan/other high financiers with Butler (and other military officers who were contacted to hopefully sway them to the fascist plot) was a New York City stockbroker named Jerry MacGuire who had toured Europe extensively in the early 1930s, sending back detailed reports to Clark of the dynamics of how nascent fascist states operated and maintained power. MacGuire's recommended plan was to adopt as "most suitable to the U.S. context" the design of the French fascist organization, the Croix de Feu (Cross of Fire; Flaming Cross).

Croix de Feu was a French veteran's organization composed of commissioned and noncommissioned officers, under which each of these organized 10 others for a large volunteer paramilitary army--all to be militarily led as a private organization. It was additionally a 'vote machine' or vote block that could guarantee around 5,000,000 votes. MacGuire wanted to start a Croix de Feu in the U.S., backed by nearly unlimited amounts of funding [Butler at one point mentioned sums of $300,000,000 as being discussed in his presence] built from manipulated U.S. veterans to serve Wall Street as a private army.

As I said, this organization was called the "American Liberty League." Butler exposed it.

Even though the Senate committee did take the threat seriously and did verify that a fascist coup was indeed well past the nascent planning stage, powerful financial interests made sure that the Commission's investigation stopped: it's time was allowed to run out and its appeal to renew was denied. The Commission was allowed to expire.

Next, the Department of Justice, though already with information to prosecute many of the involved, refused to do so. Several of the rationales for it being hushed up instead of prosecuted for high crimes of treason according to Archer and other journalists, were that since several links went back to major Democratic party members/funders this may have destroyed the Democratic party in the upcoming 1936 election—which FDR won once more for his second term. Second, Archer and others said FDR may have wanted to avoid a direct showdown with Wall Street, the Du Ponts, Morgans, and fascist-leaning military officers.

The Butler exposure of the Wall Street fascist plot is censored from sanitized textbooks that attempt to pass themselves off as U.S. history. This was a very real fascist plot in the USA, and all charges by Butler were verified independently in various ways by the Committee. The Committee even revealed that it KNEW ABOUT THE PLOT WELL BEFORE THEY CONTACTED BUTLER TO GIVE TESTIMONY ABOUT IT.

Archer's book itself, though published in the early 1970s, has become so rare through hoarding or intentional destruction it seems that copies of it on the internet are selling for $165 as a beginning price.

I have a copy of this book. I am giving you the lowdown on the fascist plot of 1933-36. I am using some of the excerpts that I feel are germane both to this 1930s fascist plot—as well as something you should reflect on in the 2004 election and beyond. The quotes I pick are mostly from the purged or censored testimony of Butler and others that wes stricken from the 'official record' and were missing in the report delivered to Congress. However, the uncensored full transcripts were accidentally made available to an investigating journalist of the period, as they were bundled into many other papers he requested in dealing with the Committee's public investigation.

Butler's testimony was conducted in a secret session, like many others.

It is amusing that this uncensored testimony from the secret sessions was accidentally given to one of the investigative reporters along with dozens of other papers. This was how it was inadvertently revealed. Then, that journalist first notified Butler that Butler's testimony for Congress had been censored without his knowledge by the Committee; then, later Butler reveals even more information than he gave the Committee in national radio programs of the era done by him in relation to the plot; later, the information appears in other books of the late 1930s, by the journalists involved.

Many of the quotes I pick below come from this uncensored testimony, which is in Archer's book as well. I use the caret [^] to represent testimony that was originally censored by the Committee.

Frankly, keeping an open mind, it is still questionable whether Roosevelt was INDEED on their side as they told Butler or was expected to be on their side as they tell Butler, due to the revealed dynamics shown in this uncensored testimony whenever Roosevelt was involved. After all, the fascist plot did lead back to 1920-30s Democratic party groups. Was American to have a fascism from the left as an added part of the New Deal, or was this really a breakdown in the elite pact of people against Roosevelt? Either way, it is interesting that a nebulous group of financiers here are seen as 'above political ideology' swinging and manipulating both left and right when the strategy suits them. Do note the connections to Morgan and others. Though do take the Roosevelt quotes in as well...

I have a list of other books at the base of this excerpt I would recommend if you want to look into related parapolitical issues of the 1930s and WWII.


QUOTES BELOW from Jules Archer's book, The Plot to Seize the White House. (Hawthorn Books, Inc. New York: New York. 1973)


. . .


Welcome to the twilight of 04.Feb.2006 16:42

our liberal democracy.

There's not enough light to do much about it. It's getting on and the darkness impends all around. But by now we're not all strangers to what is coming. As the republic is morphing into an empire right before our very eyes. And the tyrants are fanatically scrambling for ever more control. So the Party rules over reality from nearly every angle and everyone must be made to submit to them almost completely.

Oh, sure, there's still sparks of opposition. For the most part, however, we the masses, having been so effectively dis-enfranchised, are a matter of little order or consequence any more.
At this stage, a significant struggle is only possible within the Party, especially among the inner-Party elites, like that between Winston and O'brien, not the one between Ike and Tina.

Make no mistake about it, torturing dissidents is genuinely effective in removing the problem.

And for those in power, the work is super satisfying, and affords the greatest aphrodisiac to boot.

"1984" is a playbook, not a novel.

Fare well fellow travellers.

P.S. You're right--9/11 is the the lynchpin.

"What we desperately need are more Smedley Butlers." 04.Feb.2006 17:27

Fred Bauer

Aye, and for sure.

Here's a link to a electronic copy of the book, "The Plot to Seize the Whitehouse". You should download and read. It's pretty interesting and the book is long out of print. See what a used copy goes for on Amazon if you want a shock.

But of course don't let your Smedley Butler study get you sidetracked off 911. That's number one. If you've been waiting for an issue important enough to stand up for, this is it. Now's the time.

Not so secret 04.Feb.2006 17:31

Man on the street

Neocon and Libertarian think tank are setting up a system where those in power stay in power by dominating the corporate media, the Executive branch of goverment and corporate interest. This is nothing new dynasties and empires do it as a matter of course.
These groups are not secret they dominate the stock exchange, run for public office and control media. Only the agenda is veiled. They use the same propoganda tactics as the fashist and the communist. It's all about Oligarchy. Power and wealth in the hands of the few.
This is not a secret conspiracy, but an open agenda item. The only ones without the knowledge are the sheeple who will lynch you if you disturb their sleep.

Interesting 04.Feb.2006 19:25

citizen x

Conspiricy to take over the government was a white collar crime back then. Great parallel to dictatorship are at hand on analyzing Bush's assumption of power..

Taking over the government from the Presidency was carried out by Lincoln under some what different circumstances, but congress was not fully fuctional when the South Split. Here civil war conflict is between wealthy classes, industrialist and landed gentry.

Butler shows a collision between the Rosevelts with JP Morgan et al. What interests at hand that were colliding is a good question which I do not know the answer to. I do know however the game of monopoly was won and the wealth needed redistribution. Perhaps the coup precipitated from this demand on the wealthy.

I do not think the imperial presidency will be able to stave off the need for wealth redistribution any longer than Louis the 16th. Kennedy said, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent inevitable..

Fascism in America, and true Patriot – Smedley Butler 04.Feb.2006 22:51


In addition to the link that Fred Bauer provided, the following two links connect 1930's fascism, along with its players, to what is going on today. Many people talk about the Bildenbergs and Illuminati, but how many have heard about THE AMERICAN LIBERTY LEAGUE?


The Nazi Hydra in America

Why we should see the parallels 06.Feb.2006 07:07


Daily Kos has a really nice article on this plot and why it ties in to what is happening to us today. Note how the certain Democrat's were in on it. Here's an excerpt:


"So why, after concluding that the plot did indeed exist was no one prosecuted? Why were principals of the plot never even required to testify? It's hard to say at this far remove. Certainly it wasn't because the individuals behind the coup attempt abandoned all hope of future success, as this letter, dated 1936, from William Dodd, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, to President Roosevelt makes clear:

'A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime.... A prominent executive of one of the largest corporations, told me point blank that he would be ready to take definite action to bring fascism into America if President Roosevelt continued his progressive policies. Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there. Propagandists for fascist groups try to dismiss the fascist scare. We should be aware of the symptoms. When industrialists ignore laws designed for social and economic progress they will seek recourse to a fascist state when the institutions of our government compel them to comply with the provisions."

Perhaps the naming of prominent Democrats, such as Al Smith and former Democratic Party Chairman Raskob, as members of the plot convinced the Roosevelt administration, not anxious to reveal dissent within its own ranks, to suppress the Committee report. Perhaps MacGuire's untimely death from pneumonia shortly after he testified led the Department of Justice to back away from any investigation. Or perhaps the wealth and influence of the plotters themselves was simply too great. What is abundantly clear, however, is that the Committee report was suppressed.
United they stand
United they stand