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Shooter Review, or, How CCSO justified the murder of Fouad Kaady-their version

Attached here for your edification and annoyance, is the complete report of how the murdering thugs at Clackamas County Sheriff's Department painted the whitewash over their fellow killers, in hopes that we would feel somehow molified.
I don't, do you? The doc should open in .pdf
Sheriff Statement 04.Feb.2006 14:31

artie moore

After the 'Grand Jury" came out with its statement, Sheriff Roberts said, among other things,"This serves as a reminder to our community that law enforcement officers are often called upon to make split second decisions concerning the use of force while protecting themselves or citizens. These decisions are made based on the totality of the circumstance and the officer's perception of the incident."

I cannot argue with that. That is why officers need training and need to understand how to tell the difference between a gravely injured person and a threatening person. What I have seen in the officers' statements is a fear for themselves (I could not let him touch me) and a lack of understanding about what terrible injuries had been suffered by Fouad. The decisions made by the Grand jury and the Shooting Review Board are not vindications for those officers, not in our eyes. They are an attempt to whitewash their actions and a hope that the people will not ask for a change in procedures. If all procedures were followed, then something is terribly wrong with those procedures. Changes are well past due. I think the citizens have a right to ask for more accountability from their law enforcement officers. That is what I will be standing for at the gathering on the 11th.

Are these people responsible for serving and protecting children? 04.Feb.2006 17:53

Taleb Talaat

For an officer to leave a vehicle running with the doors open, and a loaded gun unattended is gross negligence...to shoot to death an unarmed injured man is murder. For a review board to find such actions in compliance is aiding and abetting a felony...these people must be direct decendents of adolf.

Great link, LN 05.Feb.2006 16:31

Madam Hatter

Great link, LN - thanks for obtaining it, and posting it here. It's very interesting to read the actual docs, rather than some corp. reporter's regurgitation of them. I distrust their editing and interpretation.

And speaking of editing and interpretation...
Wow. They said they had to have an extension to go over all the extensive evidence and testimony. Yet, I didn't see a word about the other witness' testimony - you know, the other - what was it, NINE? - people who didn't back up the cops' testimony? We only got to hear from the "GOOD SAMARITAN"!! What a friggin joke. But what did I expect?

Need I point out the obvious again? CCSO Rules and Regulations 14.5.1 - Shotguns: "Any shotgun in the possession of a deputy will be secure at all times."

"In Compliance", huh?

Yeah, right. Whatever.....

Anyway, thanks for giving us the opportunity to see the actual docs themselves.