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Clackamas County, Sandy Police

Too much darkness, horror, corruption, fear, MURDER, taking place here amongst us in our own back yard, right here in The United States of America.
Please, if anyone can help, I beg of you, for much more deceit and taking of people's lives and liberty occurs in Clackamas County every day. Mr. Rubio cannot fight for everyone, Fouads' family is crushed and is in ruins, and still are people victimized by the people who are supposed to protect every day, every hour, every minute. What are we to do? Shall we move and run? Shall we close our eyes and shut our ears, and pray that we or someone we love does not fall victim?
Stand up 04.Feb.2006 11:27


I understand your deep concerns. If 'proper procedures' were followed when Fouad Kaady was murdered, then we must stand together to see that those procedures are changed. Join us in Oregon City on the 11th to express our outrage and to demand better treatment of all of our citizens.

lets go 04.Feb.2006 14:06


Lets go to Oregon City and lets also set up a protest in Sandy, maybe starting in the main town and then ending up at the Skeltons house.

Demand Justice 04.Feb.2006 15:14


I will be there, in Oregon City, on the 11th. Rain or shine, I will raise my voice.