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Costa Mesa City Prosecutor: Mayor Allan Mansoor "under investigation"

At an open, public City Council meeting, an individual with a history of yelling rather unprofessional and, um, unkind words was violently dragged away from the microphone to cut-off his right to speak, with the police arresting him and then dropping all charges. The Mayor violated the local law by ordering him removed and the meeting closed.
This is an interesting case that's probably of national
interest since it involves a rights activist being violently
removed from public, open city council meetings.

Forwarded into the Portland area by FLR.



Duane Roberts


Saturday, February 4, 2006

COSTA MESA, CA -- Dan Peelman, an attorney with Jones
and Mayer, a Fullerton-based law firm, and an
"independent prosecutor" on contract with the City of
Costa Mesa, opened up an investigation Friday into
allegations contained within a "letter of complaint"
that was filed against Mayor Allan Mansoor with
Kimberly Hall Barlow, the City Attorney, on Tuesday,
January 17th.

The complaint, which was submitted on behalf of the
Tonantzin Collective by Duane Roberts, a member of the
group, asked Barlow to "open an investigation to
determine whether or not Mayor Allan Mansoor violated
Section 2-60 of the municipal code when he engaged in
conduct which unlawfully disrupted a meeting of the
Costa Mesa City Council on the evening of Tuesday,
January 3, 2006."

The complaint alleges, among other things, that
"[e]vidence exists suggesting that Mayor Mansoor has
willfully ignored well-established protocols governing
the way City Council meetings have been traditionally
conducted in the past and has behaved in an arbitrary,
capricious, and vindictive manner against persons whom
he disagrees during public comments."

As an example of this, the complaint specifically
cites the January 3rd incident, where Mansoor abruptly
cut off Coyotl Tezcatlipoca from speaking before his
time was up, and allegedly had police forcibly remove
him from Council Chambers while the meeting was not
legally in session. The Orange County District
Attorney's office has declined to file charges against

According to The Orange County Organizer, the website
that first broke this story, Mansoor "would face
misdemeanor charges with a maximum fine of $1,000 and
up to six months in jail" if Peelman determines there
is sufficient evidence to go forth with a criminal
prosecution. Barlow, however, is quoted as saying that
such an outcome is "highly unlikely" if he were

See the following link for more information about this
breaking news story:


homepage: homepage: http://www.ocorganizer.com/html/coyotl.html

A lot like Skelter versus Rubio 04.Feb.2006 20:27

Juan Segen

Scary isn't it? They can just drag anyone with opposing opinion away, like Juan Rubio, Cindy Sheehan, and face no repurcussions. Later, they just say, "mia Culpa," and all is forgiven.

Then, there are the cow pens they call "free speech zones," where they claim that you can speak freely, which is true, as long as no one hears you. For this, our kids are losing their lives in Iraq, and killing thousands. What a wonderful country!