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One Week From Today-Flyer

Fouad Kaady's death cannot be reversed, nor can the lack of a just system to deal with his murder. We can, however, seek vindication through dissent. Please plan to be there.
Also, please download and print and distribute as many copies of this flyer as possible.
Some notes regarding the location 04.Feb.2006 09:58


This is near the jail, at the top of the hill. Nearby is Clackamas County Mental Health, the Library, the State Dept of Human Resources. There are three bus stops within very easy walking distance (Tri met #33), the theater, the Danielson's store, etc. The parking lot on Kaen Rd. at Beavercreek is not for public use, but there is plenty of public parking in the vicinity. There are fields nearby for access/egress as well. Immediately South of the jail, through a public accessway, there is a public park with restrooms. It should be a very comfortable venue, if you do not mind the surly neighbors in uniform.

Eugene Support 04.Feb.2006 23:35


I'll do my best to bring some people up. Is there an e-mail I can contact someone with, however? I had a few questions regarding it. Thanks.

flyer as a png file 07.Feb.2006 04:17

this is an experiment

here it is

posting the flyer as a png 07.Feb.2006 04:54

second version

without extra blank space at the bottom, and probably a better width

including the flyer in a comment 07.Feb.2006 14:35

next part of the experiment