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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

9/11 Truth = REVOLUTION for EVOLUTION's sake

It is up to us to unite and rise up in the pursuit of truth. This is the only way we can combat the present culture we are living in; which has been created out of ignorance, apathy, lies, and deception.
TRUTH is the central issue that is needed to ensure democracy, freedom, and justice for all. "We The People" need to demand it, for all that it encompasses. Especially, where it relates to the events of September 11, 2001. Our future depends on it.

It's amazing the sheer volume of evidence and information there is for people to research on the subject of the 9/11 Inside Job. If people would just take the time to educate themselves, they would see things a lot more clearly. It's up to us to use our God-given intelligence to be able to sift through, and filter out the disinformation websites from the credible ones. These sites represent the tactics, which are now being used to discredit the TRUTH MOVEMENT. Once again, it is deception by design.

It never ceases to surprise me, how some people are so quick to judge and criticize those of us who are attempting to see through all of the lies surrounding this topic. They are quick to call us 'crackpots' and 'conspiracy kooks'. It just makes me laugh and view them as being somewhat pathetic. It has gotten to the point where, if people continue to support and believe the so-called "Official Story" version of what has been sold to the masses, it is these people who are made to look like the 'true conspiracy nuts'!! The official story is just so full of holes and makes no sense to anyone possessing the ability to discern truth in any capacity! The 'official story' just doesn't apply to reason or hold up to scientific scrutiny in any way. How can people believe it???

It just comes down to 'fear', and people not having the ability to accept knowledge that they perceive as a threat to their belief-system. People like to attack that which frightens them and that which they have trouble comprehending. We really don't have the luxury to dismiss this for all that it stands for. It really does shape the future in which we will all live, for generations to come. It's dangerous for us to live in denial. Just have the courage for God's sake (and ours) and see it for what it is. . .9/11 was an inside job!! Once we can be brave enough to accept this, we can move forward and take positive steps towards bringing truth to light. Then we can really change the world in which we live for the better.

The 'revolution for truth' starts at the grassroots level. Use your voice as the weapon of choice and shout it from the rooftops if you have to. . .9/11 was an Inside Job!! Wake people up so they take their 'blinders' off. Convince them to STOP LIVING IN FEAR.

The 'powers that be' fear us, because we have the numbers. We need to use this to our advantage and keep the focus where it needs to be. It's up to us, the common everyday person, to trumpet truth. If you want to rely on the mainstream media to tell the real story on this- forget it! It's never going to happen!! In this field of inquiry, I can't stress the importance enough for us all to BE THE MEDIA! We need to fill this void and get the message out!

If you could only realize the power of this subject! If the truth about it ever got out, it would really change everything! If you are looking for REVOLUTION this is where it will start. Nothing else has the power to do this. Let's take back our country, and make the world a better place. It's PATRIOTIC to want to redeem your country when it has fallen into tyranny and it exhibits a total abuse of power from within. The U.S. really isn't an island unto itself. The rest of the world is getting more and more clued in to what is really going on, and they are viewing us as a global threat. If we refuse to wake up and stop the course we are on, it really is going to be our downfall. "We the people" are suppose to be in control of our country. Our democracy has been taken from us. The 'taking away' of all of our freedom is next on the agenda. Yet, we are supposedly bringing democracy and freedom to other parts of the world. It's pure deception! It is about imperialism, hegemony, and despotism . . .nothing more. Our empire is built upon the pursuit of $ MONEY $ and out of the creation of CHAOS. Profit is acquired at the expense and suffering of the innocent.



"All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
. 04.Feb.2006 02:19


So quit ranting about it and give me some info. At least a link or two to what you consider the credible sources.

I've done the research. I've dug into a bunch of these stories. I've found some stuff that makes me suspicious. But I haven't found many of the alternative stories that hold up to scrutiny, either.

I'm not saying I buy the official story. But just because I don't believe that one, doesn't mean I have to believe yours. The alternatives I've seen presented are even less credible than the official version, for the most part.

If you've got something solid, tell me where to look. But a rant like this, full of rhetoric and devoid of information, just makes you sound like another one of the crackpots.

right on 04.Feb.2006 09:09


right on John. The commenter with no name obviously hasn't done ANY homework. Talk about rhetoric! Keep the faith John.

here you go. listen, then get moving 04.Feb.2006 10:43

White Horse Press Corps

LET US BEGIN 04.Feb.2006 12:38

d d

just for starters , point out to the cowering masses and the beligerant nationalists that the " official story " is in fact a - conspiracy theory - ;
one with almost no tangible evidence to back it up.
other possible explanations for what happened on that day have more creedance based on video material alone , not to mention the many troubling questions that are left unanswered by the "official" explanation .

Scholars for 9/11 Truth 04.Feb.2006 12:40


These guys seem to be on the right track:

Scholars for 9/11 truth


truth 04.Feb.2006 13:29


Funny how all these documentaries and movies about the attacks of 9/11 have been coming out very recently...no doubt in response to the growing realization about the truth of that day. Needless to say the documentary and movie (the latter called called Flight 93) support the official story...this time through visuals and actors. The programs themselves were most likely government psy-ops. Unless the History channel and A&E are themselves connected to the power-elite.

Searching for LINKS in the chain of TRUTH 04.Feb.2006 15:33


I purposely didn't post website 'links' because I felt I needed to respect people's freewill in their discovery process. Use your own discretion and intelligence in the search for answers.

I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, an authority on this subject. There are plenty of people who post here on Portland Independent Media who FAR SURPASS ME in regard to knowledge about the information and expertise in this field. I'll leave it up to them to post the most valid, insightful sites regarding the truth of 9/11. Go to the PIMC 9/11 investigation area located here, and check out all the different links and info. given.

'Google' 9/11 Inside Job and weed through and pass up the 'disinformation sites' and try to put the pieces together and try to ascertain which ones are legitimate and valid. This is what the rest of us have to do. We are all in this together in the search for truth. There are no clear-cut, easy answers. It's a process and we're all in the same boat trying to figure things out.

On second thought, I will post this 'website link' because I believe it to be full of valid information. Not just relating to 9/11 truth, but it ties in lots of interconnecting issues which are a great 'tool' to use to make sense of the true reality in which we are all a part of.

* Go to:  http://www.alexansary.blogspot.com/

At the 'link' given above, you will find more of my 'rants' if you're interested. Just go to the section Alex has listed as "Close Associates". Then go to the area at the bottom of the page and 'click on' the COMMENT LINK there. As well as my personal views on trying to make sense of this crazy world, you will find many links given by both me and other truthseekers.

In the quest to gain insight and understanding, don't just listen to me and take my word for anything. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions. Use your own intelligence to get to the truth.

I highly recommend people tune in and watch "Outside The Box" on Thursday nights @ 7PM, channel 11 PCMTV. It's a great show and they put forth lots of great information. Best to watch it before it gets CENSORED. Public access TV is now on the chopping block. Watch as many FSTV shows as you can before they are gone for good. Think I'm exaggerating? Wake Up! Truth is dangerous to the 'powers that be'.

* Defend Freedom Of Speech! *

Another great source of information, if you like to listen to the radio, is the Mike Malloy Show on 620AM weeknights @ 10PM. This is another show I don't see being around for long. . .Too Much Truth!

I'm sorry if I appear to rant and go off on a tirade. It is just that desperate times require that we all step out of our 'comfort zone' and stand up for what's right. On the issue of 9/11, I know something is wrong with this picture. We need to figure this out together. I'm really not an outspoken person by nature. Sometimes you need to go 'out on a limb' and let your voice be heard, even if it's not something you would ordinarily do.

I'm just an ordinary person who's trying to make a difference and wake people up, that's all. I'm trying to make sense of a world constructed of lies and corruption.

I am aware that knowledge is power though, and that there is power in numbers.

Look and Learn (First commenter) Good Sources of information list. 04.Feb.2006 18:34

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

Check out the hyperlink to www.loosechange911.com. This is by far the most well documented evidence against the Bush Administration. There are many other sources of information too, check it out for yourself. And here is a bit of advice: Try to focus on the facts, the physical, and scientific analysis. Once the governments explanation for 911 is examined with unbiased scientific objectivity, I am sorry to say, there is no other conclusion possible but that the Bush Administration made 911 happen, unless you are in complete denial. Here are some more good links, I'm not sure how to hyperlink all of them so you'll have to cut and paste. The first site on the list is very interesting; be sure to listen to the recording of Bush admitting he saw the first plane hit the tower fifteen hours before the only known video of that event was released to the media.

 link to www.fourwinds10.com
 link to www.youtube.com
(Read up on Marvin P. Bush, George's little known little brother)
 link to www.google.com

TIME IS LIMITED 04.Feb.2006 19:37


You are looking directly at the most powerful weap- er, TOOL we have to slow these exremists to a stop.
Free-flowing INFORMATION has now become the last, most effective antidote against the parasitic virus that's invaded our body politic.
It seems only logical that they will eliminate or severely restrain websites like this and the internet in general - for national security reasons, of course.
This means not only should we take full advantage of it while we have it at our disposal, but preparations should be made to disperse news and information below the radar when it becomes necessary.

TIME IS LIMITED 04.Feb.2006 19:39


You are looking directly at the most powerful weap- er, TOOL we have to slow these exremists to a stop.
Free-flowing INFORMATION has now become the last, most effective antidote against the parasitic virus that's invaded our body politic.
It seems only logical that they will eliminate or severely restrain websites like this and the internet in general - for national security reasons, of course.
This means not only should we take full advantage of it while we have it at our disposal, but preparations should be made to disperse news and information "below the radar" when it becomes necessary.
Independent radio and self publications, for example.

thanks, john and others 04.Feb.2006 23:09

first commenter

Thanks for the links. I've seen some of them, but others are new to me. I'll be looking at them over the next few days.

You'd do well to provide sources to a rant like this, especially since part of your point is that some of what's out there is good info but a lot is disinformation. I've kept coming back to this story for four years now, because I keep thinking there will be better sources, but much of what I find is trash. If you think you know the right place to look, you could save people from having to wade through the disinfo.

To some others: do you hold your alternative theories to the same high standards of evidence that you hold the official story? My feeling, after following this for so long, is that many people have one standard for "official" sources, and another for people who share their political leanings. This is bound to get them in trouble sooner or later.

Anyway, thanks for following up. And for being cool about it- I'm very used to being accused of all sorts of horrible things when I disagree with these theories.

* Be Brave * 06.Feb.2006 15:27


Check out Alex's "Final Countdown Police State Montage" audio-short. It's an excellent synopsis of where we are at. It's powerful!

>>>>> Go to:  link to alexansary.blogspot.com

Nothing impresses me more than 'true patriots' rising up to redeem their country, and defend it from the 'sinister forces' which are currently controlling it.

Keep fighting the good fight. . . .Power to the people!!

Spread the news! 07.Feb.2006 07:18


Website to by 911 education material 07.Feb.2006 07:21


Help spread the news, 9/11 education cards and dollars can be bought at peaceproject.com

Thanks to Commienokaze (and others) - For all the great links !! 07.Feb.2006 12:35


Grateful for the inclusion of the "Loose Change" site.

On the Mike Malloy Show (620AM) last night, the first item of info. covered on his program was this film/DVD. He emphasized how incredibly powerful it is to watch.

>>>>*Go to:  http://www.loosechange911.com/

9/11 was definitely an "engineered event" used as the catalyst to engage us in what has recently been re-named "THE LONG WAR". See the 'Permanent War' article below.

>>>>*Go to:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/02/333515.shtml

~ Peace Out

another 'link' courtesy of the Mike Malloy Show 10.Feb.2006 14:25


Here's a great link for anyone interested. Check out the prevue, and then go to the main page where you can watch & download '9/11 Truth' movies for free.

>>>>*Go to:  http://www.question911.com/prevue.htm

>>>>>>>>>  http://www.question911.com/

Help to make truth spread like wildfire, get the message out.

How much evidence is needed ? ? ? 10.Feb.2006 21:45


Here's the google "Loose Change" video for anyone wanting to see it.

*Go to:>>>>>  link to video.google.com


* * * * * * * * * *

The best place to start on your journey to uncover 9/11 Truth is to find out all you can about WTC 7. ( Larry Silverstein, the C.I.A. connection, etc. )

The amount of evidence which proves 9/11 was an inside-job can become overwhelming. This, above all else, I see as the best "smoking-gun" to use in opening the door and waking up to the reality of what happened- and where it ALL has led us to this point in time.

You people rock 24.Feb.2006 10:55

Alex Ansary

Like I said, You rock. Could there really be hope? SOunds that way.

"Imagine" how great it would be if more people cared. 13.Mar.2006 12:46

~ maybe someday ~

"Together We Stand. . .Divided We Fall."