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Health Care Is A Right, Initiative Campaign Featured On Commuinity Television Tonight

State Representative Mitch Greenlick, one of two sponsors for the HOPE for Oregon Families initiative 40 campaign, will appear on the Community Access television program "A Growing Concern" this evening, Friday, February 3, 2006.
This program airs live from 7-8 every Friday evening on Channel 11; replay times are Sunday evening at 10:00 on channel 23 and Thursday evening at 10:00 on channel 22.

Mitch will first be interviewed by the host, Jim Lockhart, and then respond to phone calls, beginning sometime around the half hour mark. Some of the initial questions to be answered will be:
What impact does a lack of health care have on our economy?
How do businesses pay for the uninsured today?
Why are we leaving billions in federal aid in Washington?
Is this a single-payer system similar to the one we voted down four years ago?
Will this raise taxes?

Some background, from their website:
"The HOPE initiative is an amendment to the Oregon constitution which says that health care is a right, and tells the state legislature to come up with a plan by 2009 to extend medical insurance to everyone in the state.
The Hope for Oregon Families Initiative establishes health care as a fundamental right for all Oregonians, an idea supported by more than 70% of all Oregonians (see poll results below). Sponsored by Rep. Mitch Greenlick and Senators Ben Westlund and Dr. Alan Bates, this bipartisan effort will force the legislature to develop a step-by-step plan to provide access to affordable health care for all Oregonians."

Portland Indymedia already had a great article on this issue which can be found at:
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For more information on this initiative, please refer to the website included with this post.

homepage: homepage: http://www.hopeoregon.org