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Feb 9: Multco Dems to consider Bush impeachment

Mulco central meets to vote on a resolution endorsing impeachment of Bush and Chjeney
A former state senator will present a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney to the Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee February 9.

The resolution passed the Committee's agenda subcomittee last month.

It charges that Bush and Cheney's (1) unprovoked and misrepresented invasion of Iraq violated the UN charter, (2) their actions contrary to acts of Congress volated their oaths of office and (3) their unlawful detention and torture of prisoners violated the US Constitution, acts of Congress and the Geneva Conventions.

These actions, the Central Committee is asked to declare, reach the level of High Crimes and Misdeameanors while in office sufficient to constitute articles of impeachment before the House of Representatives.

The resolution will be presented by former Democratic State Senator Vern Cook, an attorney in Gresham. The Central Committee will met at 7PM, Thursday, February 9 at the Hollywood Senior Center, 1820 NE 40th Avenue (off Sandy Blvd).

More info at (503) 665-8143
City Hall Resolutions On War, Wiretaps, Etc., Are Needed 06.Feb.2006 10:54

Robert Ted Hinds hinds4portland@netscape.net

I applaud the Multnomah County Democrats for having the courage to publicly discuss Impeachment proceedings against President Bush. Furthermore, as someone who grew up in a family of Goldwater and Teddy Roosevelt styled conservatives, I believe such discussion is also warranted among Republicans. The seriousness of the actions of the Bush Administration demand formal inquiry, especially since these questions have already surpassed the threshold of the impeachment proceedings brought against President Clinton.

As a candidate for City Councial, if I am elected I will also table resolutions on highly controversial policies by the Bush Administration, such as warrantless wiretaps, withdrawal of troops from Iraq, etc. Such actions by a City Council are not without precedent in recent years as the City Council of Sacramento has passed an anti-war resolution and the City Council of Santa Cruz has called for Congress to consider impeachment. Indeed, such considerations on the part of a city's government are a natural response in a representative democracy, especially when the federal government interferes with education policies, use of a state's national guard troops, etc. The Constitution of the United States clearly states the deference of federal powers to states rights in all matters not directly addressed by the Constitution.

Concerned citizens are invited to view my website or contact me for more information on my campaign.

amaze me! 06.Feb.2006 20:38


I say this is a impressive step, although I also believe the Oregon Democratic Leadership will not let such justice seeking proposals see the light of day. Prove me wrong but my experience is the "Big Dems" are afraid of their own shadows.

Why local action is appropriate, welcome, and needed 09.Feb.2006 16:38

Constant blank@blank.com

Well done! Know your local action fits well within a larger effort; there are forces behind the scenes negotiating with the President: Resign, or the Senate will lawfully remove him from office. Here are two links, both of which will outline for you what is going on:
  • 1. The first is the state proclamation process, and how this fits into the effort to compel Congress to act: [ Click ]
  • 2. The second link outlines what you can do at your local level to get state officials to discuss this effort: Scroll down to the yellow boxes -- it's simple. [ Click ] Some believe that the RNC-controlled Judiciary Committee will bury this in committee. However, the 1903 precedent, consistent with the House rules compels the House to vote. In short, although you may believe that you're "just one voice," know that it took "just one voice" to trash Karl Rove's 2006 election plan. You're welcome. The RNC is in a no-win situation. They have wished for this. Yes, your voice has been heard, and now the world knows: We shall force this President to assent to the rule of law. [ Click ] Congress has failed. The States must now impose discipline. They have wished for this.