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Only YOU can prevent clearcuts!
For time immemorial, the Pacific Northwest was home of ONE lush, lovely temperate rain forest stretching all the way from (what is now) northern California clear into Alaska. Now, in a little over 100 years since the WASP infestation, particularly during the last 100 years since the inception of the lyin', thievin' USDA "Forest Service", this ancient forest wonderland has been reduced to tiny fragments of old-growth. Less than 5% of our native forests remain and the Fore$t $ervice and Bureau of Land Mismanagement (BLM) want to steal it from us, off OUR land. If we let them have their way, countless awesome endangered critters will go extinct and future generations will have no old-growth magic in their world. Their only experience with a spotted owl, wolverine, marten, pileated woodpecker or northern flying squirrel will be via computer. All this will be lost just so a few privileged white assholes can get richer unless YOU do something to make it stop. If you do, be assured you'll be hated lied to and about, cursed, threatened, even quite possibly shot at (like me) by the pigshit powers-that-be. Be further assured that you'll live and die smiling (most of the time), knowing that you've made your life into something worth living. If you don't, well, you won't have to worry about being lonely. You'll fit right in with all the other corporate-controlled cowards whose main aspiration in life, it appears, is to conform to the cuboid norm of police-state WASP Amoreikkka, whose main agenda, it appears, is to consume everything clean wild and free, then pollute it, pave it and plant a flag on it. The Deforestation $ervice and BLM (Buncha' Lying Men) are planning MASSIVE timber sales for this Spring/Summer on OUR PUBLIC LAND. RESIST!!!- not necessarily by joining some big-time forest defense organization ( they have this tendency towards top-heaviness, corruption and ineffectiveness), but by YOU and a few friends forming up a grassroots campaign of your own. Envision YOU locked down to the steering wheel of an old junker turned side-ways in the middle of a carefully chosen logging road. Now, realize your vision!FIGHT BACK NOW!-or soon there will be nothing left worth fighting for. Only YOU can prevent clearcuts.
Details are helpful 02.Feb.2006 23:20

Sean sean.rains@gmail.com

While you make very poignant and moving points, it might help if I knew exactly what you were talking about, or proposing we fight against. Movements tend to do better with some degree of planning, rather than running on what looks like pure adrenaline. It might be fun, but you won't save anything that way. Anyway, most importantly what plans exactly are you talking about? Do you have an more detailed information?


use your senses 03.Feb.2006 09:15

kwai chang caine

You will know when the time to fight comes. Do not worry, you will know
what to do when they attack you. I am Caine. I will help you.

One more time...... 03.Feb.2006 09:38


Sean, I'm sure the god-damn freds would like the details as well, and i don't need preaching from the peanut gallery. Did you not get the message?-Think/act for yourself. Final transmission ( for awhile ).

Correction 18.Feb.2006 04:29


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